Ready to go to CHA...

Well, not really. I'm ready to go, but my projects aren't all finished, so I guess I'll wait another week and a half.

One thing I have learned in the last 24 hours: Spray paint and cold weather do not mix. Trust me on this one.

I'm about to clean up my clutter from the last wave of projects so I can complete the next round.

Am I the only one who gets creativity blockage with a cluttered work area? I don't mean a cluttered studio. I think there's something a little strange about having a perfectly neat work area. I'm talking about the kind of clutter that covers the 20 feet of tabletop area where I create, with stacks of dangerously piled acrylic stamps pushed against boxes of wood-mounted stamps with Glimmer Mist and acrylic paint and Distress powders and inks and heat tools and scissors and every Krylon pen I've ever owned spread all over creation. Right now, the 12" square I usually work in is covered in 3/4" circles that I glued on to the roof of a papier mache house. They are stuck together where I trimmed, on the floor where they landed when I punched them and I was too tired to bend over and pick them up, hanging like chad from my scissors and stuck to the bottom of my Scrappy Glue bottle. I would take a photo and post, but if I get up from this computer and go to snap the photo, I'll probably get stuck to the floor and never get away.
Maybe tomorrow I'll post some photos.


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