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Home at last ...

...and finally up! The California air was great, but it knocked me for a loop! I had no voice while I was there and have been in bed with a horrid cold since I got back, but went to the doc today for some much-needed meds. Otherwise, these pics would have been here earlier.

This is the surf at Newport Beach, just below the beach home of Brad and Angelina. The house was gorgeous, but I spent a lot more time looking at the surf.

I wrote our name in the sand, so that all the surfers would know who we were and rush home to look us up on the net, but forgot to add in the "www" and ".com". It seemed like a good idea at the time, although it was gone by the next morning. I also spent a lot of time snapping pics of seagull tracks and wash areas that I will post later.

We had some wonderful food, like this lucious creme brulee. We also had lots of pastas with super-rich sauces and two-count 'em - two trips to the Cheesecake Factory. The best part? We walked so much to an…