Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Natural Phenomenon

Yesterday afternoon, we were in our backyard and witnessed the most awesome sight. Those little highlights in the photo are dragonflies. This pic doesn't do it justice, because there were hundreds of them. Every time they flitted by, the sun would hit their wings and they looked like pure favorite metal, of course. Most were low to the ground and you could really see them in the shadows, but a lot were in the tree tops. It was around 5:30, so I assume they were having dinner at Windham Acres. Sometimes we could see the bugs in the air, and if they didn't move fast enough, they were gobbled up by a copper-winged creature.

This morning, I woke up early and there was a beautiful doe in the back, down near that shadowy tree line you can see in the photo. She kept looking toward the house as she grazed, so I don't know if she could see me or not. It's about 700 feet to the area where she was. Not being a hunter, I'm not up on the distance a deer can see. I just know that I can see her and she is gorgeous!

On another note, Artistic Outpost is releasing new stamps today.

Here's the info. I tried to upload an image, but five minutes later it was still loading, so I'll do that in a separate post.

Artistic Outpost is proud to release two new stamp collections: Route 66 and Vintage Halloween.

Route 66 features nostalgic images of the first American super highway, Route 66. Who isn't yearning for a great "road trip" right about now! We always get a little sad when August rolls around. It means another summer is
winding down. Use this terrific set to capture those memories in your summer scrapbooks or make something unique which pays homage to those who are born to be wild!

Vintage Halloween is for all those out there who prefer treats to tricks. Who wouldn't love seeing the children in our two main images showing up to the front door on All Hallow's Eve? This collection features work from Victorian era postcards. Think of all the Halloween Party invitations, cards, or treat bags that you could create with this one set!

To celebrate the launch of these two new collections, Artistic Outpost is
running sneak peek specials...From now until Monday, August 11th, the following
items are on sale at the Artistic Outpost webstore.
* Vintage Halloween - $9.99
* Route 66 - $9.99
OR PURCHASE BOTH for $18 (that's $6 off the retail price of both)

There is a special "bundled" product in our webstore that will allow you to
order both plates for $18.00.

We can't wait to see what you do with these fun images!!!:

Friday, August 1, 2008

RockCandy is here!

After much pulling of hair and loss of hours and hours of sleep, was launched at 11:59 last night.

Here's a little background:
Roxi Phillips and I met through rubber stamping. We were both Stampin'Up!® demos. When Eclectica Scrapbooks and stamps opened in Memphis, TN, we both began teaching there. Our styles are similar, so although Roxi taught book arts and technique classes and I taught cards, scrapbooking and 3D art, people began to confuse us. I can't tell you how many people - even people who knew us both very well, called her "Candice" and me "Roxi." Now we're RockCandy.

When we went to the Craft and Hobby convention in Chicago last summer, people started asking if we were sisters. One vendor even thought we were twins. We thought maybe we had been spending too much time know: like people who begin to look like their dogs.

When we began team-teaching and wanted to use lots of funky materials in our classes, they were hard to find. We got to thinking that if we were looking for this stuff, other artists must be as well. We began to collect odds and ends and then added merchandise from a few vendors whose products we love. Now our space is overflowing so we're sharing.

I hope you'll stop by our website and check us out!

On other matters: It's hot as a July firecracker here in the South. That was one of my Granny's favorite sayings. The heat index has been 108° to 110° for the last week. When I think back to my childhood, I can't remember a day when I wasn't out playing or sitting under our Chinaberry trees reading or drawing, or even worse, playing softball or riding my bike for endless hours. I don't think I could stand it now. I can look out the window and just drip at the sight summer. I have an August birthday and can only imagine my mother carrying an 8 lb. 9 oz. baby in this heat with no air conditioning - at home or at work either one.

I went into an antique shop yesterday in Memphis that had no air conditioning. The owner must pay the man who runs it some mega-bucks to suffer that heat. If the merchandise hadn't been so good, I would have turned and walked out. Instead I bought stuff. The heat was a blessing, because if there had been air conditioning, I would probably have emptied my bank account in there. I saw one thing that I couldn't justify purchasing and wanted so badly. I was an ornate back plate and dooknob made from copper. The owner had buffed it just a bit so you could see the potential it had. If I can figure out a good use for it, I'll spend the $75 they're asking and bring it home with me. Do you think posting a pic on here could justify the purchase? Somehow I don't think Larry would see the value.

I'm off to Roxi's house. Go make something and stay cool!