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Good Morning, Sunshine!

This beautiful Day Lily greeted me Tuesday morning when I walked out the front door to water my plants. I immediately snapped a photo and headed to the computer. I posted it on Facebook, then decided that wasn't enough to do justice to this glorious bloom. It was begging for a digital scrapbook page of it's own, so I obliged.

Here's how I made my page:
Duetica Lettering Arts Studio Software, Saxi Font (
Adobe Photoshop and InDesign Software (
Digital camera

1. Set headline type in DT Saxi font. Save as a png file.

2. Open a 12” X 12” layout in Photoshop and the file of your photo.

3. Select a 3” x 4” portion of your photo. Copy and paste repeatedly into the 12" x 12" layout to fill the layer. Flatten the entire image. Don’t worry if the edges are a little off.

4. Select the entire pattern portion of your layout. Go to Filters, emboss and adjust the pattern to your liking. Crop to a 10” x 10” image, centering the images, and save as…

Is it Copying?

I ran across a great article by Rice Freeman-Zachary entitled You Already Know the Answer today that talks about what I have been thinking for a long time. The article is clear and concise and points out a lot of ideas that have come to be accepted as common practice.

When I first started writing this blog entry, I went off on a tangent about someone who was taking classes at one scrapbook store, then teaching the same class at another.I got a little heated up, so decided to delete all that and ask you to read this wonderful article.

I hope you're having a wonderful Friday, that you stay cool and have the best weekend ever!

Now, go hug someone you love.

Designer Craft Connection-June Edition

Welcome to another monthly edition of the Designer Craft Connection. If you click on the DC logo to the left, you can hop from blog to blog and see all the wonderful patriotic-themed projects from this talented group of designers. Be sure to check out Julie McGuffee's blog for info on registering to win the great prize that will be given away later this month, The Big Book of Scrapbook Pages and Cherish by Jeanette R. Lynton. You only have to leave a comment on Julie's blog telling her which project you liked best and why as well as which technique you liked the best.

Note: I have been experiencing some problems this morning with my links, so you may have to copy and paste the websites into your browser to get to them.

I come from a long line of patriots, dating back to the Revolutionary War. I love using red, white and blue in my work, but you will rarely see pure colors. I prefer the aged look of Navy blue, burgundy and cream colors, all mixed up with a lot of brown.

This ta…