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Check out my video...and a great ATC Shrine!

While I was at the CHA Consumer show in Orlando, I auditioned for a TV spot on Scrappy TV. You can view it at

On my computer, it starts with echos which only serve to stress my drawl, but please let it play on. It will stop eventually. (The echoes. Not the drawl. Sorry.)

If my video gets a lots of viewers, I could win a six-show series. If you can stand to watch it more than once, please do. Y'all know I'm all about shameless self-promotion.

On another note, here is a sample of work by the multi-talented Barbara Rankin of Germantown, Tennessee, a member of the talented RockCandy Studios design team.

Barbara used one of our Coffee Break ATC shrines, some of our Dresden Foil Trims and an image from our Girly Girls image cd for this piece. You can see more of Barbara's work, as well as more projects from our design team at

Now, go hug someone you love!

Why is it....

...that when I have to get up at a reasonable hour, I can't seem to fall asleep?

I have errands to run all over Memphis tomorrow ...actually today...and meet my friends from MLGW for lunch and here I am, punching away on the computer at 1:59 a.m. I'm wide awake. I know I have to go to sleep. I know I'll look like crap tomorrow. I am not one bit sleepy.

Guess I'll go watch some old black and white movies on TCM. That should do the trick.

Go hug someone you love, but not too tightly. They might wake up and get really mad at you.

One more thing about the scrapbook pages...

If you want to know anything about the techniques or trims used, just shoot me an email, and I'll answer ASAP.

Go hug someone you love...and then make a scrapbook page about how much you love them!

German Diecuts and Golden Foil Trims

Here are a few photos of the scrapbook pages I made for the Paper Dreams Factory, all using their diecuts and foils, which can be purchased at

All the photos are my family: my sweet sister Lynn, my gorgeous mother, my grandparents, Daddy and me and, of course, my dog Pete.

More trip pix

Here are a few more photos from our trip.
The first is the view from our doorway at the Lime Tree Resort in the Keys. This is an older hotel, but the rooms are very nice and they have hammocks and chaise lounges and lots of relaxing areas beside the water, plus bbq pits and picnic tables. When we go back to the Keys, we'll book this resort for a week
The next photo is one of the famous Hemmingway six-toed cats. There were 40 or so roaming about the house and grounds.
The last is my dear friend Jan Stone and her DH Ed, two of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. I have known Jan since we were in the third grade. We met when she helped me pull a tooth in the girl's room at Longview Elementary School.

Go hug someone you love.

A Few Trip Highlights

As promised, here are a few pix from our recent trip to Florida, with side trips to Georgia and the Smokies.

The first one is from the Firefox Living History Museum near Mountain City, Georgia. This church was moved to the Foxfire village (which is one really cool place to visit), from North Carolina. I loved the Foxfire books and, of course, had to purchase the 40th anniversary one while we were there. I'm about half-way through it and it's great! If you ever get the chance to visit this wonderful place, don't pass it up. It was not crowded and the entire place had an almost sacred feeling about it. There's even a wagon on display that was used on the Trail of Tears, a very dark blotch on our history.

The second photo is entitled This is what 60 looks like. It was made on my birthday outside the restaurant where we had dinner. Fabulous seafood, a table on the deck overlooking the water and my favorite dinner partner, Larry. What more could a girl ask for?

The last few …

One more thing....

...I had the strangest dream this morning. I woke up at 6 and then drifted back to sleep. I dreamed Larry and I were at an antique shop in Munford, TN, waiting for an auction to begin. (Let me say here that there is no antique shop in Munford and we don't go to auctions.)
We were waiting for a friend to call us who was traveling to Houston from Nashville and was supposed to meet us at the antique shop for a quick visit.

I had a dog with me named Grady, oddly named for our friend. Even odder was that he was a purple poodle. Now, y'all know how I love pups. I would run a dog farm if I had the space and resources. They could come and live there forever with lots of belly rubs and treats. But a poodle? I'm not a discriminating person, but that would be the last dog I would own and I would never dye him purple. I would also never name him after one of my dearest friends.

To make a long story short, Grady the person finally arrived and when I wanted to introduce him to my pup, the …

Back home...for a while

Well, we finally made it home. I realize I didn't post any photos from our trip, so will do that later today.

A lot has happened since my last post.

I turned 60 on the 4th and Larry and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary yesterday, which is also the anniversary of Elvis' death, so going anywhere in Memphis was a challenge. People come from all over the world to pay tribute to the King - the one and only King, no matter what the MJ fans think. I have tried and tried to get Larry to go to the candlelight vigil, but he says he's not getting in that crowd of strange people.

I'll write more later today about our trip.

Go hug someone you love.

What WAS I thinking?

Please ignore the part of the last post that referred to the lack of new product at the CHA show. I went back and decided to do some make and take projects at my favorite manufacturers' booths. I saw some products that just blew me away.

Clearsnap: I love the Smooch colors and now they have added eight new colors and have them in liquid form in a mister. The colors are so intense and so gorgeous! My friend Niki Meiners was the demonstrator - I think the project was her design as well - and it was great. We made a tag that I will post a photo of as soon as I can find it show materials bag. (I have so much material from this show. I try to limit it to things I really will refer back to in the next six months and did a pretty good job of it, but it's still heavy. At least I remembered to add an extra suitcase to bring it all home in.)

Viva: Lisa Pavelca (sorry if I spelled that wrong, Lisa!) was demonstrating this great polymer clay. The colors all have a beautiful pearl sheen.The …