Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flutter by, Little Butterfly

My sister was the closest human to a butterfly that I ever saw. She was on the move constantly, bouncing from one room to the next in the house or from sand box to swing to playing with the dog outside.

When I saw Duetica’s new Summertime kit, I knew exactly what I wanted to create.  I selected only four pieces (it comes with at least 25 elements, which you can customize to your liking) from the kit plus the Mandolin font to get the look. The Duetica lettering system makes it so easy to customize your fonts and now, with the digital kits, the sky is the limit.

Here’s how I did it.

Duetica’s Summertime kit
Duetica Lettering  Arts Studio’s Mandolyn Font
Photoshop or other graphics drawing program

1. Open the Flower Pattern1 paper in Photoshop. Add/change colors by selecting the background and using the gradient tool to create the base. Select each flower and enhance the colors. Repeat with the leaves.
2. Open the butterfly in a separate file. Add colors to the image.
3. Open the purple ribbon in a separate file. Make any adjustments desired. (I made the ribbon a little more level.)
4.  Place the photo of your choice on the floral background. Draw a rectangle around the photo, then apply the gradient tool. Bring the photo forward if necessary.
5. Place the large butterfly and adjust the size to your liking.
6. Draw a rectangle for journaling and fill with 30% of your lightest color. The percentage can be increased or decreased to your taste. I wanted the background to show through. Compose your journaling inside the box.
7. Open the buttons file. Copy and paste the heart button into a new file. Select the entire image and color it one color from your basic palette. Open a second file and paste the heart button. Select and make this one another color from you basic palette. Save as button blue, then reduce the size and save as blue button small. Place all three onto the page.
8. You can either reduce the size of the butterfly file if you want the same colors as step 2, or drop in a new one in black and white and then add your choice of colors.
9. Open the Duetica Lettering Arts Studio and set the word “Butterfly”. Save the file as a png,  then open that file in Photoshop. Select the letters and make each the color you desire from you basic palette.  Place it on top of the ribbon, sizing it to fit. Repeat as necessary.

This project came together very quickly. I actually think it took longer to write these instructions!

Can you tell I love Duetica’s products? They are so easy to work with and the results are show-stopping every time. Plus, I know I’m getting a custom look for my lettering that no one else will have.

Now go to and check them out. You’ll be glad you did!

I received product from Deutica Lettering Arts Studio.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Several birds, one stone...

I know I am behind on my posts, but I really do have a good excuse.A couple of weeks ago, I went to have a thyroid ultrasound because of dizziness. Well, my thyroid was fine. My right carotid artery wasn't, with a 90 percent blockage. I now have a very clean artery and a lovely new scar to wear to my class reunion. I'm thinking it might look good with a swirly tattoo....

This past weekend, I went to Jackson, Tennessee for Artiscape, a day-long event smothered in creativity, good friends and good food. I have to say this was the best ever and feel really sorry for those who missed it. The basis of the project I'm posting was the brainchild of Veronica (Ronnie) Goff, a very talented CHA designer member. Ronnie's project was all pink and blue and purple, but y'all know I can't leave anything alone, and I've never followed instructions well. I just have to give it my own special touch.

Half of this project can certainly be called a Father's Day project, so I'm calling it that for the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop. The theme for this piece is supposed to be "Where did I come from?", but you could make the lower portion for a nice Father's Day tribute.

I used Impress Art's metal letter dies  to add my name and my sister's name to the little dangle at the bottom. I love these Impress Art tools, especially on mat board! Their hammer, tape and steel block make it super easy to align your letters and keep things looking nice.

Here's how I made it:

Impress Art Metal Alphabet dies (Impress Art)
Two 8" square canvases (Dick Blick)
Adirondack sprays (Stream, Lettuce, Butterscotch, Cranberry)
Pages from an old book
Brenda Walton Adhesive Swirls, BW Flora & Fauna Swirl Adhesive Borders  (K & Company)
Inka Gold, Gold (Viva Décor)
Hot Fix Copper Rounds (Viva Décor)
Sizzix Sizzlets Die 3PK - Decorative Flourshises and Decorative Swirls Sets (Ellison)
Metal Hardware, bookplates and key (Tim Holtz Ideaology)
Copper Chain and Jump Rings
Small amber bottle (Seven Gypsies)
Paper Ephemera (Jolee's French General)
Self-adhesive lace (French General)
Computer-generated family photos and names printed on Stampin' Up!® Very Vanilla cardstock
Beacon Quick Grip adhesive
Walnut Distress Ink (Tim Holtz Distress Inks for Ranger)
Copper chain (18")  and small copper  jump rings
Ephemera (paper scraps, buttons, etc.)

General Directions 
 These are for the lower canvas, but the top one follows just about the same sequence.
1. Spritz canvases lightly with Adirondack colors, blotting with a paper towel as you go to achieve texture. Set aside to dry.
2. Tear book pages, dip them in water and wad into a ball, squeezing out excess liquid. Spread out to dry. When dry, spritz with Adirondack color sprays or dye ink pads. Adhere to canvas according to photo.
3. Rub Inka Gold over e.k. success and Sizzix die-cut swirl. Adhere in place.
4. Ink edges of photos and names and glue in place.
5. Write "XXX" on scrap paper, sponge edges with brown ink and adhere to bottle. Glue in place.
6. Run scrap of gray paper through Big Shot to texturize. Rub Inka Gold over the surface, then glue in place. Adhere key. Apply Inka Gold to key if desired.
7. Adhere nameplate and paper ephemera.
8. Adhere Hot Fix round copper dots as desired.
9. Place a small screw eye in the bottom center of the canvas. Color screw eye with copper Sharpie.
Begin with the center letter of your word for perfect positioning. 

1. Pound brass blanks with hammer to distress, then use metal alphabet to write names.
2. Attach to chain with small copper  jump rings.
3. Thread beads onto copper eye pin, add small copper heart to bottom and attach to small screw eye with jump rings.

1. Attach screw eyes to back of canvas (top and bottom on top canvas and bottom only on lower canvas). Bend them over toward the closest top or bottom edge so that the ring is flush with the canvas back.
2. Attach 10" of chain between the top two screw eyes for a hanger.
3. Attach an equal amount of chain between the bottom of the top canvas and the top of the lower one.

Now for the good news! We have a new cover photo on our Designer Crafts Connection Facebook Page and we are asking readers to go to our page and identify where the photo was taken. Leave your answer in the comment section on our Facebook page and if you have the correct answer, you'll be registered to win this Baby Boutique package.

Have a wonderful day and get out to enjoy this amazing weather! 

I received product from Impress Art, Viva Décor, K & Company and Jolee's.