Calm in the eye of the storm....

I have to work at my other job today..the graphic design one. Somehow, it the midst of the hurricane, well tornado here in the Mid-South, today and is proving to be a calming point. I have to have almost everything finished for CHA and be packed by Friday morning, so I'm eliminating some of my larger pieces that didn't get finished to my standards and just getting on with my life. There will be time when I return for that stuff.

On a happy note, it's pouring down rain here, but the temperatures are not low enough for the stuff to freeze, praise God! You gotta find the good stuff in everything and warm temps in January when it's raining are a very good thing.

I got to thinking about how my Saturday went so good as far as completing projects, and then Sunday was a diaster. I had serious issues with a product I have been in love with in the past that shall remain nameless. I tried every glue I had to make this stuff stick and finally ripped it off and threw it in the trash...although I did go back and fish it out this morning. I used the base I had been working on and turned the glue-covered mess into a thing of beauty with craft paint and collage. That's what I love about what I do. You can always salvage something if you try hard enough. I never would have thought of using a rough surface for this piece..I was looking at the beautiful smooth wood base and imagining a stain finish paint in a soft blue. Not what I wound up with, but there's nothing wrong with something a little different. Maybe one day I'll write a book and call it Turning Screw-ups into Big Bucks.

One of my coworkers told me that she had a crafting attack this weekend, went to the Michael's and bought a ton of stuff, then went home and created a lot of garbage. Nothing worked. She was sooooo frustrated. I got to thinking about how my Sunday had been so bad as opposed to my Saturday and how I could have given up on that piece, so I gave her a little tip about canvas (If you gesso and sand it lightly before you begin, you'll never see the weave of the fabric when you apply the paint). Which brings up another point: She expected this piece to be perfect in every way. Those who have taken my classes know my mantra: If it's perfect, it's not handmade!!!!!!!! Machines are designed to spit out cookie-cutter items. I don't EVER want to be considered a machine. Those who know me well will tell you that there's no danger in that analogy :)

Lunch is over. I have to get back to work. Hope I didn't get broccoli juice on the keyboard.


Michelle W said…
Yes I am living testament to the fact that you can turn anything something that most thinks is lost into a thing of beauty. Dr Pepper comes to mind.:D I love your motto and use it daily.

Once again glad to see you blogging.
Candice said…
Will I ever live down the Dr. Pepper incident?

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