Bling Bling here...Bling Bling there.Here a bling, there a Bling, everywhere a Bling Bling...

Got my Swarovski (try saying THAT three times!)Crystals yesterday and have covered everything in the studio with them. Even Larry and the pups were afraid to stand still for very long.I finished most of my Fashion display last night and have almost completed my two pieces for the Terra Bella challenge.
I'm feeling much, much better about my CHA displays and made my (hopefully) last trips to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Eclectica, etc. last night.
Larry had a gig at Gridley's barbecue last night, so I went in to Memphis with him and did my shopping, then went back to Gridleys for some of the finest ribs I've ever had...meaty and smokey and dripping with sauce, just the way I like 'em. Those of you in the Memphis area need to check out this place on Hwy. 64 at Summer Ave. Doug, the owner, is a good Christian man, a transplant from Greenwood, Mississippi, who makes the most awesome yeast rolls...about the size of a ladies' seven shoe. And the sweet beans and sweet tea are to die for. Can you tell I enjoyed it? The band will be playing there pretty regularly, starting in March, so check out the ribs and hear a little bluegrass. Doug is alo opening a larger location on Kirby Whitten road soon.
It's a vey foggy morning here in Tennessee. Fog is like snow in a way: everything is so quiet outside.It's very peaceful when all I can hear is the ticking of the clock and the last few drips signaling that my coffee is ready. I love early mornings when I'm the only person awake. It's nice to just sit and sip my coffee and think about my day ahead...or decide whether it's too early to call Roxi Phillips and run ideas by her that popped into my punkin' head overnight.
The coffee is ready and I need to prepare for church. My baby boy is coming for a visit this afternoon, so I am going to have a very great day. You do the same.


Michelle W said…
I am so proud of you 7 entries and January is not even over. LOL

I am so glad to hera that you are done with all your projects. I really like what I have seen.

You let me know when Larry is playing. I will have to go. I really enjoyed the time I heard them in Collierville.

Just in case I don't get a chance to tell before you. Good luck and have a GREAT Time. RELAX you need it.
Andrea said…
Just read your blog! Nice. It was great seeing you at Gridley's...and I too went on and on about the food telling everyone to go! Hope to see you soon. Love ya.
Roxi Phillips said…
Dazzle Dazzle here...Dazzle Dazzle there...DON'T you remember!

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