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I'm not sure if this will come through. The colors were off the last time I tried to post. The blood is really red, not purple as it may appear, but you get the idea. Also, the Diamond Glaze doesn't show up, but it makes that Ruby Red blood really pop!

Thanks to Cynthia Jerkins for coming up with the idea for this swap!

What a great weekend!

I did a little creative work this weekend, bought a great filing cabinet for my office, went to a family reunion, went to a surprise party and heard missionaries from Nepal at church today.

The creative work: I was in a wonderful swap that was due today. It was a paperdoll swap and the theme was "Wicked." I have been thinking about this for a while and had thought about using my face on the doll, but nixed that idea. I ended up using Lizzie Borden, the forty whacks lady. I found a photo of her from the waist up and created the lower half in Photoshop for the paper doll. I then made an extra outfit that was a long white gown, kind of like a butcher's coat and added a hatchet and photoshopped in her hands from the original photo. I used the Stampin' Up! air art tool and my SU Ruby Red pen to splatter blood all over the coat, then dripped the Ruby Red reinker on the chest area and down the hatchet blade. I finished it off with Diamond Glaze on the red drips for a tru…

Drum Roll, Please......

I just finished a 12 X 12, 72...count em'...72-page scrapbook in 48 hours. It is for a local dignitary and I am scrapped out.

Orphan Works Bill

As I understand it, the Orphan Works bill (see Oct. 3 post) has been tabled until next session unless they decide to come back for a short one and sneak it through.

Please continue to contact your people in Washington. This is an outrage.

Serious Stuff

The House of Representatives has sneaked a bill onto the floor for approval after telling us it would not be voted on this session. I, for one, intend to find out who did this when we were all paying attention to budget deficits and debates. It is probably being voted on as I write but here is the gist:

As I understand it, if the Orphan Works bill passes, any art you create and publish is no longer yours unless you pay to register it with every government entity, and then it still isn't safe if you miss one. Anyone can use your images, including your licensed designs, rubber stamp art, paintings, musical compositions, EVEN PHOTOS OF YOUR CHILDREN for any purpose they choose, whether it's printed material or porn. They just have to say they tried to find the owner and couldn't. If we let them slide this one through, what is next?

Here's a comment by one of the CHA Designer members.

You may feel that you are not affected by this because
your business is creating projects wh…

One More from AO Snowy Woods

Today is the day! You can order your own set of Bluebird and Snowy Woods, and AO has some great specials. Check them out at

This card was made with Snowy Woods' beautiful door stamp. I stamped it in Basic Brown ink on Confetti Cream cardstock (Stampin;Up!), then colored the image with Derwent watercolor pencils and my Aquapainter brush. I added base color then used the Aquapainter to blend. I don't know how many layers I have on this, but the final hard details for the branches and wreath were added with the pencils alone. I used Stampin'Up!'s white pen to add the berries and branch highlights. Antique brass hardware corners are from RockCandy Studios. The little sentiment was stamped in SU Blue Bayou. The background swirl paper is from a slab I bought a couple of years ago, but I spritzed it with Patina Glimmer Mist (yummy stuff!) to get it close to the color I wanted for this background.

I'm off to drop hubby off at his friend's house -…