Deep sleep, great dreams, magazines

Does anyone out there ever get way-cool ideas in your dreams? When the pressure is on, I come up with some really great design ideas. I don't normally work at my graphic design job on Fridays and get to sleep a little late, but I got up at 5:45 this morning with all these great ideas buzzing around in my head. Happily, they were dragonflys and not killer bees creating the buzz.

On magazines... I have to confess: I'm a magaholic. I love 'em. Let me clarify that: I love beautiful art mags, Nat'l Geographic and Smithsonian, old Life, Saturday Evening Post, Look (now I'm really showing my age) and anything to do with altered arts, sewing, crafting and fine art. I allow Bass and American Hunter in my home for Larry and occassionally use one of those for reference when I need to know how a deer or a fish looks for realistic painting. I do not, however, read sports mags geared to a specific sport, although I do love baseball and football. So why did my new subscription to Skiing Magazine arrive in the mail yesterday? We don't do a lot of snow skiing here in the MidSouth, especially here on Mt. Windham. We did have snow yesterday, although you could barely see the flakes and it stopped in about five minutes. How do you think the people at Skiing ever found my name? It's a mystery. I sent them an e-mail this a.m. Inquiring minds want to know.

Today I will be slinging paint all over my studio in beginning of the last mad rush before CHA. For those who will be there, come visit the Girls from Tennessee and Mississppi at the Mom & Me fashion display, which will be up through the entire convention. We have a fun display with a wonderful retro look. Or EPMs can visit our three Designer Showcases at booths #35, #37 and #38 on Monday.

Have a fun-filled day! It's Friday!


Roxi Phillips said…
Sling that paint, you wild women! ...and yes, I'm proud of you!
Michelle W said…
I am so glad to know that it is dragon flies in your head. I was wondering about you. Hope all is going well on the CHA front. I will have all of you in thoughts because I do know first that you have great things to show. In my prayers for safe travel and great fun. Tell Mickey HI!!!
Candice said…
Michelle, you are crazy. You too, Roxi.

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