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Well, the last post came after 45 days. This one is closer to 60-something. Is anyone still reading?

We left home Sunday and stopped for a wonderful visit with my childhood friend Jan Stone and her DH Ed. It was great way to start a trip. Jan is an incredible cook and they are great hosts. We hated to leave Monday, but business calls.

I was very humbled last night to have received the Designer Press Kit Award at the Craft and Hobby Association Convention in Orlando. No money, no prizes, but a very nice trophy and lots of publicity and instant-name recognition among the designer members. That's enough for me.

I have not seen anything here that has blown my socks off as far as new products or techniques. I have attended about a bazillion business seminars, including one today with the Crafty Chica on website design and content. She is amazing.

I'm off to walk the floor show again to see if I missed something. The show is much smaller this time. It usually takes me at least two days …