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Artist Trading Card Box

We all have them. Some people have more than others. Some are patterned. Some are solid colors. But rest assured that no matter what your craft of choice is, you’re always going to have scraps…and scraps….and scraps.
Here’s a little solution to eliminate some of those scraps: Go ahead and prep those smaller pieces for Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) or card backgrounds. This way, when you participate in an ATC swap or need a card or a little something to dress up a project or gift, you have it right there at your fingertips.
Artist Trading Cards have been a round for a while, so much that some folks have forgotten the ATC rules. Size: 2.5” x3.5” Restrictions: ATCs are just what the name says: Artist TRADING Cards, not Artist SELLING Cards. ATCs developed among artistic groups as a way to have a little piece of art from your colleagues without a huge monetary investment. Each artist would create mini-masterpieces, then swap them with their artsy friends.
I love this box size and shape. I love …

Tribute to Spring

Welcome to Pam Bray's All Things Altered Spring Blog Hop! Be sure to hop through the list below to see all the fabulous art. Several of the bloggers including Pam are giving away some eye candy, so be sure to read the directions on each give-away blog for entering. To hop to the next blog, just click on the blog on the list at the bottom of this post.

I have been looking at a big ball of rusty wire in my studio for more than a year, trying to come up with something really cool to create with it. I filched the wire from my hubby’s workshop. He didn’t remember buying it, so that meant it was up for grabs as far as I was concerned.

Although the metal was rusty, it was still very strong, perfect for this little bit of spring art. Finally, I had inspiration. I began to twist the wire with the help of a couple of jewelry pliers until I had a fairly large flower. I had purposefully left about 4” of wire on each end and wrapped these over the front center, twisting it in the back to secure …

Spring is here...almost!

Since Spring is supposed to be here already - flowers are pushing up, trees are blooming, birds are singing and ripping the stuffing out of my porch swing cushions to pad nests, but the weatherman has issued a winter storm watch for the Mid-South.

No need for worry. I have brought spring into my studio with this Spring Chimes project on the Kool Tak blog. Go here to get instructions and be sure to come back to my blog March 31 for a tutorial on creating a wire and glass wind chime, similar to the one used in this project.

Happy Spring. Don't hurt your back shoveling snow!

Hats off for Buttons Galore!

Upcycle a Hat for a Spring Garden Party or Wedding, Plus Two Cute Headbands 
Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection (DCC) Designer Challenge. This month’s challenge product is from Buttons Galore, and believe me, they definitely have buttons galore! I received an assortment in different sizes, colors and shapes, plus some gorgeous goodies from one of their Trim Collage Kits. The colors were so spring-like, and the styles blended beautifully.

Buttons Galore and Viewtainer ( are providing prizes, one for a reader (just go to the Buttons Galore website (, and leave a comment and your favorite project from the blog hop before March 17) in a random drawing, and one for a participating designer, to be selected by the fine folks at Buttons Galore. 
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This inexpensive hat (less than five bucks at a discount store) is pretty as-is, but I like dressi…

Art & Soul

Welcome to the First Monday Blog Hop of the Designer Crafts Connection (DCC). The theme this month is home decor/favorite technique or media. Those who know me well know that it's just like potato chips ...I can't have just one. I love 'em all...well, most all of them. I chose to do a mixed media piece since I can combine a lot of techniques into one piece.

This started off as a painted canvas many moons ago. I wasn't happy with the look so I stashed it away to come back later. Later turned out to be a couple of years (I told you it was many moons) and it has been sitting there patiently waiting for me to return. I had been playing for this for the last couple of weeks before I decided to complete it for a DCC post, so I haven't taken any in-progress photos of the process. It's pretty much just as it looks: various colors of Golden acrylics for the base, a layer of printed tissue, a layer of painted tissue and some paper napkins. I used Golden Matte medium for…