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I have been looking at a big ball of rusty wire in my studio for more than a year, trying to come up with something really cool to create with it. I filched the wire from my hubby’s workshop. He didn’t remember buying it, so that meant it was up for grabs as far as I was concerned.

The wire easily bent to form the flowers.
Although the metal was rusty, it was still very strong, perfect for this little bit of spring art. Finally, I had inspiration. I began to twist the wire with the help of a couple of jewelry pliers until I had a fairly large flower. I had purposefully left about 4” of wire on each end and wrapped these over the front center, twisting it in the back to secure the petals, then curled the ends of each wire. I repeated the flower, using small petals this time. I then cut two pieces of wire18” long, gently folded them in the middle and then, beginning at about 3-5” from the folds, twisted the four pieces of wire into a stem, pulling and curving the top of the loops into long leaf shapes. I added a couple more twists mid-stem and at the bottom.

Here’s how I made the rest:


  • Frame, 12” x 12”  (Darice)
  • Printed Paper, 2 sheets (Bo Bunny)
  • Wired tissue ribbon, 12” (Peacock Park)
  • Metal Keyhole (Tim Holtz Ideaology)
  • Metal latch (Stanislaus Imports)
  • Tags, one large and one small (These are from my stash and are hand colored and hand-stamped)
  • Colorbox Chalk Inks
  • Acrylic craft paint, ivory
  • Printed sentiment from computer
  • Lace, 12”
  • Assorted paper scraps
  • Inka Gold, assorted colors (Viva Décor)
  • Temporary adhesive
  • Spray Adhesive, Super 77 (3M) Note: I only use this to attach the background
  • papers.
  • Kool Tak TM Clear Adhesive Foam Pads
  • Kool Tak TM Clear Foam Roll
  • Kool Tak TM Ultra Clear Adhesive, ¼”
  • Butterfly stamp (LaBlanche)
  • Phrase and embellishment stamp (Oxford Impressions)
  • Swirl Stamp (Bee Line Stamps) 

 Note: All edges are inked with brown ink.
1. Create wire flowers and stem and set aside.
2. Remove the glass and photo holder from the frame opening. Paint all the edges with ivory paint, including the small frame edges. Allow to dry, then add inks around all the edges to match your papers.
3. Apply paper to the outside edges of the small frame opening. Flip the frame over and trim out the center.
4. Trim one piece of scrapbook paper to 11” x 11”. Ink edges with brown ink and adhere to front cover with temporary adhesive. Flip the frame over and cut away the photo center. Measure 3/8” inch all around the inside frame opening on your paper and trim this away from the opening. Ink all edges, then adhere to frame base with spray adhesive.
5. Stamp swirls and butterflies.
6. Adhere lace to frame. Tear a strip of scrap paper 11” wide and 1 ¼” tall. Trim ends straight with scissors. Ink edges and apply over lace.
7. Tear a strip of scrap paper approximately 3 ½” wide and 12” in height. Ink edges. Apply to top and bottom over frame opening with spray adhesive, then cut away from the frame opening. Ink the new edges created with the cut away.
8. Apply spray adhesive to wired tissue ribbon and press to frame cover, gently easing wire as straight as possible. This tissue is delicate, so be gentle. Rub chalk ink over the tissue to highlight the texture.
9. Stamp large tag with phrase and embellishment stamp. Pull string through keyhole, adhere tag and keyhole to the frame and tie bow in string. 

You can replace the quotation with a spring photo.
10. Attach latch base with Kool Tak TM Ultra Clear Adhesive. Position tag hole over latch and attach tag to framemwith Kool Tak TM Clear Adhesive Foam Pads.
11. Determine which points of your metal pieces will touch the frame base. Place Kool Tak TM Clear Adhesive Foam Pads and Strips to wire backs and arrange on frame base.
12. Print or hand-letter sentiment and embellish with additional stamping. Place glass, sentiment and easel into frame opening.

13. Apply Inka Gold to wire for highlights.

Today is not only the first day of the rest of your life, it’s Friday and the weekend is here! Do something creative this weekend. Get out of your comfort zone, push the envelope and have a great time doing it!

I received product from Kool Tak, Clearsnap and Viva Décor.


Pammejo said…
Love the frame, absolutely gorgeous, love the wire flowers, fabulous, going to have to give them a try. Thanks for being a part of the All Things Altered Blog Hop
Pam said…
Great frame. Love the wire flowers!
Christine said…
I have a jar full of wire... now I am inspired to get into it! Thank you for sharing, your work is beautiful!
Susan Bullock said…
LOVE the flowers and the quote is just wonderful! Will have to go in the garage tomorrow looking to "borrow" some wire. Thanks for the inspiration and again this card is absolutely beautiful!
Ms Scrapmess said…
Are you kidding me?! How can I have missed the purpose of wire? Thank you for sharing your brilliant idea!!! I work at a construction site and have my pockets full of stuff like funny screws, light bulps, metal tags etc. But I have missed the wire!!! You are amazing!!! Thank you, thank you:)
Pamela Romero said…
Very interesting frame. Working with the metal wire must be a bit difficult to do. Your frame turned out lovely and well worth the effort! Following your blog via RSS on "Feedly"
KC Inspired said…
WOW! Love how you've incorporated the wire into your project. It looks perfectly normal! I'm afraid mine would look like a birds next or something!! LOL
I did have to laugh when you said you took it from your husband's stash!! LOL I go "hunting" in my husband's all the time! LOL They have some cool stuff.

Thanks for the inspiration! Have had a blast on this hop!

Tons of inspiration on this hop!
Cheryl said…
Absolutely gorgeous! The wire flowers are just amazing - I love it when my dh "forgets" why he bought something :)-love all the layers and details. Beautiful verse as well!
Sarah said…
Very pretty, I love rusty wire and tin, Sarah
Scrappy Kapers said…
great project, love the way you have used the wire. thankyou for sharing
Barbara Rankin said…
Wow, Candice, your piece is gorgeous. Your rusty wire made the most beautiful flowers. Your work is always amazing, and you never disappoint. TFS
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wowza! How creative to use the wire to make flowers. Absolutely love this piece. The sentiment is fabulous. Great job on this piece.
CDAC DT Member
A Look Through My Eyes
Carol Gibson said…
Love your project. The sentiment
is so fitting.
Barbara F said…
I would have never thought to use wire! Beautiful the color choices...great job!!
Lyneen said…
Wow... what a nice addition to your supplies to create with... RUSTY WIRE... your frame is AWESOME!!!
Loved the wore flowers and quote you used!
Gloria Stengel said…
Great project! I love the wire!
Debbie said…
Love your frame! Wire flowers are something I'm going to have to try! Such an inspiration! Happy Spring! Loved the "All things Altered Blog Hop!"
Anonymous said…
Love the whole project. Glad you were able to put wire to good use. Husband's complain we buy stuff and never use it. You were able to take his purchase and made use of it instead. Great job.
Ratty Hugs said…
What a super project, love the colors & the details. Super quote choices. Thank you so much for creating and sharing it.
~C8> Ratty Hugs
Barb Wagar said…
That was really a great idea using up that wire over in your hubbie's shop! I've often gone to my Dad's ham radio shop and nipped a thing or two for creative altered fun projects. So many cool and fun looking objects that go well with G45 or TimHoltz stuff! So thanks for your tutorial and all the descriptions.. so very helpful. Got my gears turning here.. time to go visit Dad! :P oh... and thanks for a chance to win a prize!
Kathleen White said…
Your project is wonderful and your patients to write all the directions down awesome.
macmomma said…
So pretty! I love all the details on it and the tutorial is awesome! I love getting the recipes when I see something I like and want to try. I always put my own spin on it but sometimes getting the recipe is just the nudge I need to try something new! Thanks for sharing!!
macmomma said…
I would like to follow you but don't see a button that will let me! It might be the MacAskill blood in me that doesn't allow me to see things that are in plain sight! LOL
Katina said…
Your frame/collage is awesome and it has such wonderful elements. Love the rusty wire flower. Thanks for taking the time to give us a great tutorial!
Kelly Harms said…
Love this look. What a great use of rusty wire -- something I have PLENTY of living on a farm. Thanks for sharing!
Jeanann said…
Oh this is great .. love it .. I have some colored wire that I have trying to use :) thank you for the inspiratation!
Debra Lovell said…
WOW!! I love wire,and playing with it.Its really Nice to see such Great Inspiration with your wiring,as I will be following your work! Thank you,and "Happy Spring" :)
Just beautiful. I love, love the wire flowers. That was a good save!
Dorothy said…
Love the flowers!!
Craftylyn said…
Love the frame and I,like you love to play around with wire
Jean Bullock said…
Wow! This is awesome! I can't find away to follow you.
Jean Bullock said…
Never mind, I clicked on the title and found it. Thanks for the great tutorial!
Pam Zirbel said…
Gorgeous frame! I am loving the colors you used! Well done!
Teresa said…
love the wire flowers! going to have to try those! t.igo
Kee said…
I love, love, love the wire flowers! Thanks for sharing your project.
Jess B. said…
Oh boy you just opened up my eyes to wire. This is such a beautiful piece. Love it! TFS
Candice Windham said…
Thanks for the wonderful comments, everyone!
Ava Gavloski said…
lovely frame, so delicate and well embellished

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