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Coming Soon from Sizzix

Eileen Hull, designer, author and self-confessed dumpster diver, has designed a series of Scoreboards® for Sizzix. The great thing about these dies is that they will cut through mat board, so your projects will have a sturdy base that can be painted, papered or textured with just about any medium. Be sure to check back for new projects for the next few weeks.

This great cupcake holder inspired me to create a gift that will last long after it is given. Here's how I made it:

Scoreboard Cupcake die cut
3 long-shank gold brads
Adirondack Acrylic Paint Daubers (Stream, Gold and Willow)
Krylon Marker (Gold)
Prima Flowers
Straight pins with multi-colored heads
4" Styrofoam® ball
8" Gold Cord
Teal paper scrap for tag
White pen

1. Paint cupcake holder, candle and base with Stream paint. Allow to dry.
Cupcake: Lightly brush Willow from the bottom up, fading the color as you go. Allow to dry. Lightly dab Gold paint randomly over the entire surface. Edge base of cupcake holder with Kryl…