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Can you believe it?

It's the last day of March. This month has flown. Seems like yesterday that I was just returning from February's cross-country jaunt and now my University of MemphisTigers are in the Final Four. I have yet to watch a game and trust God to take them all the way. Altogether now, Go, Tigers, Go! Go on to victory, be a winner through and through.....

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day and also the day I started in my graphic design job at MLGW about 30 years ago. I've always thought that was kind of appropriate. :) I do love my job, though. There are just some days when I'd rather be playing in garden dirt or washing my car or stamping something or creating art or writing in my blog. Or finishing all those projects so I can open the Pazzles box! Yep. Still sitting here mocking me. I know you're thinking, "How does she have such will power? What a strong woman!" What a stupid woman! What was I thinking when I swore to get those projects in the mail before I open…

Happy Easter Weekend!

I hope everyone is enjoying a great Easter weekend.
Don't you just love this time of year? My friend Debbie Dennington, a Texas transplant to Tennessee, now living in Bull Shoals,Arkansas, always said there's nothing prettier than springtime in Tennessee. She's right.
I have the most beautiful, wonderfully scented Jonquils growing in my flower bed, and this afternoon when I was gazing out the front window, I spotted an purple iris about to bloom under our sugar maple tree. I always forget what bulbs I planted in the fall, so there are always surprises, although those irises have been there for at least 20 years. My fiend Kathy Conner gave them to me when we built this house and they have multiplied and multiplied. A few years ago, I finally dug a lot of them up and threw them into the organic trash pile in the woods. The next spring, I spotted them happliy blooming. They just keep spreading. I spotted tulips and Easter lillies pushing up through the ground as well. No sign …

ok. I'll play

I was tagged by Queen Roxi to share seven things about myself and pass that on to seven bloggers...not sure if I know seven bloggers, but I'll do the first part anyway....

1. Born and raised in Memphis with a slight detour to San Antonio when I was 13. That didn't last long, but SA is a beautiful city.

2. Won my first art award in the second grade, although I had to share it with Mrs. Tutor's entire class. I made a bird out of clay for the spring portion of our science fair exhibit about seasons. We won the Science Fair for Longview Elementary School. Still have the photo. That's me in the center right with long dark hair and, of course, a red dress right behind the project. That's Carol Hopkins, my elementary years best friend, with the blonde curls at center left. I still count many of the children as good friends today, although they're a little older now.

3. My record for most 35mm photos taken is two 36-exposure rolls in a two-mile stretch at Acadia Nationa…

Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong....

...but tired of messing with it.

The Snow Pix post is whomperjawed but you get the idea.

Stay warm.

Snow Pix

These are some of the pix I took this morning.
1. The first is the snow date.

2. My flower bed, looking much more beautiful when It's covered in a white blanket.

3. Pete, the Speckled-Butted Monster, begging for a treat.

4. Sam, the Wonder Lab, trying to figure out if the camera is a tasty snack.

Snow in the South

I love snow. I guess if I lived up north, I wouldn't be so crazy about it, but it's such a rarity here. Another thing: I doesn't usually last a long time.

The snow we received yesterday afternoon and last night was heavy at times, but mostly small flakes. The only problem was the wind. If we hadn't had wind to blow it off the trees, it would have been a perfect snow: 6-7 inches of soft white powder that has just enough moisture to make it good for snowballs and snowmen.

Larry was like a child. "Let's go out and build a fort! Let's build a snowman! Let's make snowcream!" All this at 9 p.m. last night. Needless to say, I just snuggled a little deeper under my quilt and pretended to be engrossed in a really bad tv show.

I went out early this morning and took lots of photos. Here's a tip: when you're taking snow pix, they can all grow to look alike over the years. The first thing I do is write the date in the snow and shoot that. If my photos st…

Waiting for the snow...

I've done all those things that we Southerners do when there is the slightest chance of frozen precipitation: been to Kroger for bread and milk and wonderful ingredients for a month's worth of hearty soups and stews; made sure my pups have a nice warm, newly-filled-with-hay shelter; put on a pot of coffee and am making a list of all the things I need to do away from home before noon when the stuff is supposed to hit. Sitting here blogging is not really one of those things, but since I haven't posted in two weeks, I decided to git'er done.

I have almost reclaimed my studio space from the CHA tornado I created before Feb. 4. One conclusion I have come to is that I either need more storage for odd-sized items- Krylon cans come to mind - or I need to light a match and start all over. Don't guess I'd better light a match - those Krylons would turn into little heat-seeking rockets and one would find me. They wouldn't find Larry though. He's been frozen for ab…