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It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day, the primary day of the year when we celebrate love and friendship. What sweeter way to show your love than with this treat-filled Valentine Box Stack?

This is a simple project that takes very little time and is easy enough to make multiples for a group.

You can tie three up in a stack or give them individually with your own special decor on each one.

Heart shaped boxes, three,  graduated sizes, one with a textured base (Paper Studio)
Metallic Red, Silver and Gold Craft Paint (DecoArt)
Bead and satin trim (Teresita)
Air dry polymer clay, 2 ounces (Makin’s Clay)
Clay roller or clay machine (Makin’s Clay)
Heart Clay Cutter, small (Makin’s Clay)
Heart punch (Creative Memories)
Non-Stick Reusable Crafters' Mat (Kool Tak™)
Ultra Clear Adhesive, 1/4” (Kool Tak™)
Ultra Clear Adhesive sheet (Kool Tak™)
Punch Adhesive (Kool Tak™)
Sparkles, Red (Kool Tak™)
Texture Sheet
Inka Gold Fast Drying Metal Gloss Paint, Platinum
Ribbon, approximat…