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I was tagged by Queen Roxi to share seven things about myself and pass that on to seven bloggers...not sure if I know seven bloggers, but I'll do the first part anyway....

1. Born and raised in Memphis with a slight detour to San Antonio when I was 13. That didn't last long, but SA is a beautiful city.

2. Won my first art award in the second grade, although I had to share it with Mrs. Tutor's entire class. I made a bird out of clay for the spring portion of our science fair exhibit about seasons. We won the Science Fair for Longview Elementary School. Still have the photo. That's me in the center right with long dark hair and, of course, a red dress right behind the project. That's Carol Hopkins, my elementary years best friend, with the blonde curls at center left. I still count many of the children as good friends today, although they're a little older now.

3. My record for most 35mm photos taken is two 36-exposure rolls in a two-mile stretch at Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine. I guess the second is 9 rolls in a five-day stretch in New York. Can you imagine why Larry bought me a digital camera?

4. I met Elvis when I was 13. He was the most beautiful person I've ever seen.

5. That same year, I was invited to Elvis' house for a party. I didn't even think twice about going. I was afriad of anyone more than a year older than me-don't know how old Elvis and his entourage were at the time, but it was in the early 60s - and I knew I'd never be able to call my Dad and tell him I needed a ride home from Graceland.

6. I am descended from very poor but lovely genteel ladies on my mother's side and a family of moonshiner's on my father's side. That's my grandfather on the right of this photo of our family still near Water Valley, Mississippi. This may explain a lot about my strange personality.

7. I knew within five minutes of meeting my husband that he was the guy I had been looking for. We were engaged in two weeks and married in three months. It's lasted almost 38 years, so I guess it's going to work.

Now that I have posted more info than anyone wants to know, I'll tag:


Michelle W said…
Okay I was tagged by Marci and post my strange things on Friday night. Check out my blog.
I awarded you the "You Make My Day" award.

Check out my blog at www.everythingaltered.com for more info and to capture your award! :)

Dianne Adams said…
You've been awarded the "You Make My Day" award again!

Check out my blog for more info. at http://dadamscreativecommunications.blogspot.com/


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