Happy Easter Weekend!

I hope everyone is enjoying a great Easter weekend.
Don't you just love this time of year? My friend Debbie Dennington, a Texas transplant to Tennessee, now living in Bull Shoals,Arkansas, always said there's nothing prettier than springtime in Tennessee. She's right.
I have the most beautiful, wonderfully scented Jonquils growing in my flower bed, and this afternoon when I was gazing out the front window, I spotted an purple iris about to bloom under our sugar maple tree. I always forget what bulbs I planted in the fall, so there are always surprises, although those irises have been there for at least 20 years. My fiend Kathy Conner gave them to me when we built this house and they have multiplied and multiplied. A few years ago, I finally dug a lot of them up and threw them into the organic trash pile in the woods. The next spring, I spotted them happliy blooming. They just keep spreading. I spotted tulips and Easter lillies pushing up through the ground as well. No sign of my hostas yet, though.
I have a huge day lily that needs to be separated.The last time I did that, the root ball was about 3 feet wide. I think that was 10 years ago and I had to hack it apart with a machete. That's on Larry's list o'things to do this week. He'll probably get frustrated and chunk it in the woods with the irises.
I made a cool tool tonight when I should have been doing something else. I have a big assortment of Midwest Products' colored Styrene transparency material. I wanted to play around with stamping on it and my first attempt was a little disappointing (blue styrene with Saddle Brown Stazon). I took a sheet of white cardstock and glued 1" X 7" strips of each of my styrene colors to it. I marked off 1/2" increments and then stamped each of my Stazon colors on the strips. That way, I'll know what the ink is going to do to each color before I waste my styrene. I'm going to play around with some stained glass effects using Artistic Outpost stamps tomorrow morning. I'll post some results.
Have a wonderful Easter...and remember why we celebrate it.


Michelle W said…
You are so smart. I did some thing kinda like that when I was making a ton of coaster. I put each of the colors on a piece of tile so I knew what is was going to look like.

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