Too many ideas buzzing....

..and I can't sleep. Those moments of creativity that hit me in the middle of the night are becoming more frequent. I've been dreaming of making art, taking photos, writing instructions...and when I don't go to bed before 1 a.m. and then wake up, wide-eyed, at 5, that's not good. I laid there until almost 6, gave up on more rest and got up to make coffee.

I'm still wrestling with my post-CHA mess in my studio, so I decided that was the best place to start. When I opened the door, yesterday's 45° high hit me in the face. My studio is an enclosed patio room we added to the house. It's air-conditioned, but we just leave the door open for heat, since we don't have harsh winters here, only steaming hot summers. Someone shut the door last night and this morning, you could hang meat in there. Since there are only two people who live here, and I know it wasn't me, I can only assume that Larry did it or one of the dogs used the thumbs he only grows when needed to open the door, sneak in the house, shut the access door, then sneak back outside to his dog house and snicker about the trick he had just pulled on me. I left the door open while I write this and drink my coffee. I'm afraid if I go down there and sneeze, it will snow.

For those of you who enjoy crops and want to make a difference in the lives of teens, there will be a crop on March 8 at Youth Villages in Bartlett. Goodie boxes, lunch, access to at least six eight-foot tables of Accucutz dies and good fellowship will be the order of the day. If you are interested, please e-mail me at and I'll put you in touch with the sponsors.

Hope you have a great day. Stay warm. I know I intend to.


Michelle W said…
I should have called you Sat. night or maybe you would call it Sun morning. Went to be @ 10:30 back up at 12 am. Wide awake and mind going crazy. Make some great inches (that are due on Fri)and a couple of other things from AO stamps and not sure what to do with them since I can't post on blog. Then went back to bed at 10:30am slept till noon and back up.

Hate that I must miss the crop on the 8th I would love a day to be with the girls.
Jane said…
I hate having to read about you and your musings via your blog. I miss you Candice. XO to you and Larry Pete and Sam.
Candice Windham said…
Michelle, Great minds think alike! At least you have some projects ready for Robyn. That's what I'm going to do at the YV crop: work of AO stuff.

Jane, I miss you too. We need a girl's day out as soon as it gets warm.

Thought of you in San Antonio when I was considering ordering a buffalo burger for dinner. Wish I could go to convention this year, but I think that and CHA within a week or so would put a real strain on a marriage!

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