Home, Sweet Home

I am so glad to be home. We drove more than 4,000 miles and saw a lot of wide open spaces. Lots and lots of wide open spaces. Trust me. Southern Texas is not pretty in February. Now, I don't want all you Texans to get upset. I lived in San Antonio, one of the prettiest cities on earth, when I was a teen. It was one of the highlights of our trip this time, but that stretch from just west of San Antonio to El Paso is downright dull. Just sand and cactus, as far as the eye can see. I'm sure that when the light hits it just right, it's really pretty, but in the words of Dudley Moore from Arthur, "You can't always depend on that light." And the wind! We were hauling an rv and when we stopped Saturday night in El Paso, the wind got so bad that we were afraid to open the door of the camper, for fear it would be ripped off the hinges and a wind gust would come through and overturn the whole rig. We're very thankful God got us through that one safely!

We went to Disneyland on Friday before the show opened and rode the teacups. Larry took photos while Roxi, Ronnie and I rode. We all became honorary citizens of Disneyland and watched lots of fireworks. I thought of my buddy Debbie Flowers, the Disney fanatic, when Tinkerbell flew across the castle.

The CHA show was a huge success, and everyone involved deserves a big round of applause. The Fashion Showcases were over the top, the Designer Showcases were drop-dead gorgeous and the License and Design exhibitors were top-notch.
As soon as I have reduced the sizes on my photos, I'll post some of the pix I took.

I'm extending special thanks to my Fashion Display teammates: Melony Bradley, Ronnie Goff and Roxi Phillips. These ladies are the best! Well, except for Ronnie. While I left the fashion display set-up to take a licensing class, she added some sort of really ugly stuffed animal to our Mom and Me display, then tried to tell me she had made it for the show. Being the genteel Southern lady that I am (most of the time) I was going to let her leave it in place, even though it was ugly as mud, but she finally 'fessed up.
Our theme was Mom & Me and we designed it to look like a retro kitchen where mother and daughter had been making gifts for friends and family

We all came home with the CHA bug and are still hacking and coughing, but glad we went!

We saw lots of new products. The Unity Samp Company has a great new acrylic block system for those who love the feel of wood and the ease of acrylic. The Perfect Paper Pouch, although not a new product, is great and makes it possible to stamp or print on just about any surface, including vellum, Bazzill Bling and shiny metallic surfaces. Marvy has some great new punches and a new styrofoam heat cutter that is similar to a small band saw. It cuts styrofoam, but will not cut your chipboard pattern, so you can pin it in place and do your cutting without drawing the image and trying to follow the lines. Clearsnap's new wheel tool is designed to hold clear stamps so that you an design your own custom wheel image. I saw lots of beautiful new clear stamps, and am also eagerly awaiting delivery of my new Pazzles custom cutter.

Can't wait to get my studio straight and begin creating again. Of course, then it will be messy again.


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