I should have watched the game....

...it wouldn't have made any difference. My Tigers lost anyway, but they're still #1 in my heart.

I am skipping church this morning in the interest of public health. I surely do not want to share this crud with my church family. It's been 10 days and shows no signs of subsiding. Every time I think I'm better, I get a coughing attack that leaves me breathless. Enough of this Oh-Me-Poor-Me mentality.

More CHA info...
I purchased a new Pazzles Inspiration at the CHA convention and am so excited. This thing cuts all types of materials including paper, fabric, cling vinyl, rubber stamp material and a host of other items. It also embosses, distresses, engraves and hasa pen tool that will hold any regular sized pen or marker. It's no bigger than an all-in-one printer. It cuts paper up to 12" wide, and I think the paper length is unlimited, but not sure and too lazy this morning to get up and hunt through my bag o'crappage from the convention to find the brochure. It will ship soon, and I will be happy to report here when I've tried it out.

The Perfect Paper Pouch (PPP) I mentioned in my last post is something I will have a hard time working without. I love vellum, glossy paper, shiny paper, coated-with-anything papers, bumpy papers, mulberry papers.....you get the idea. These papers don't always lend themselves to ink jet printing, markers or rubber stamps. With the PPP, you can swipe the printing surface with this little pouch and have no beading, no ruboff, just perfect printing. You can use it on ribbon and twill to get great, non-bleeding rubber stamping. It is aptly named. It's also the brain-child of Amy Roszak, who is just a joy to work with. Her website is www.scraperfect.com. Check it out.

I received word Friday that one of my pieces for Artistic Outpost Rubber Stamps will be in the April/May issue of Stamper's Sampler. Robyn Sharp's stamps are so cool. Check them out at www.artisticoutpost.com.

Enough for today. I'm off to sit in my big fat chair, mount some stamps and sip something hot.


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