Teacup Girls

Forgot to post our photo. This is Roxi, Ronnie and me at Disneyland. Our knees were jammed so tight in the center! You'd think we would have gotten a bigger teacup!


Michelle W said…
Glad to knoe that I hang out with such fun loving girls. I couldn't get the grandkids or daughter to ride with me when I went to Disney.
Loved hearing all about your outing in CA. Glad you are home. COngrats on all of your sucess.
Subriagirl said…
My goodness Michelle......I thought I was on the computer alot!:-)
We had a ball at Disney.. Mickey Mouse's house had closed down due to the fireworks almost directly overhead...it had lots of eye candy in it!
The teacups were so much fun to ride especially with FRIENDS! Even if our knees were overly friendly! Loved it.

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