Summer Fun Flag

Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop featuring products from Oly-Fun fabric. I had never used this product before, but now I am in love. It cuts beautifully with no fraying, is light-weight and comes in a great variety of colors. No need to stitch it on my sometimes-it-works-sometimes-it-doesn't sewing machine. I just used my old stand-by, Beacon FabriTak to put this together in an afternoon.

Here's how I did it:

Oly-Fun Fabric
Purple, 23" x 36"
Yellow, 1/2 yard
White, 1/2 yard
Green, 1/4 yard
Ribbon, 48" (Offray)
Fabric Adhesive (Beacon Fabri-Tak)
Vive Décor Pearl Pens, Sunny Yellow, Gold, White
Scissors, paper for pattern

Note: If your flag will be visible from both sides, you will need to double the amount of yellow and white fabric.

Draw a pattern for the large flower petals and cut five or more as desired.

Cut one large yellow circle (12-14") and two small ones (6-8"), 6 small yellow triangles, 2" x 3", and five green strips, 2" x 8".

Arrange all the elements except the green strips until you are happy with the arrangement.

Adhere the pieces with Fabri-Tak, beginning with the flower petals. Carefully trim the center of the flower so that very little is under the yellow center, then adhere both small yellow circles, one on top of the other. Trim any excess along the edges.

Adhere the large circle at the upper left, trim the edges and then add the triangles.

Apply Sunny Yellow Viva Décor Pearl Pen in a random scribble around the flower center. Apply Gold Viva Décor Pearl Pen on top of the yellow.

Dot Ice White Viva Décor Pearl Pen around the flower petals and Sunny Yellow Viva Décor Pearl Pen around the sun and triangles, adding dots descending from the triangle points.

Adhere the green tabs with Fabri-Tak equally spaced across the top of the banner, attaching to the back as well. Make sure the tab folds are the same distance from the top of the banner so that it will hang straight.

Attach ribbon with FabriTak across the top and at the bottom of the green tabs.

Hang it up and enjoy it all summer long!


Anonymous said…
Such a pretty flag.

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