A Bottle of Kisses

If you’re ever at a loss for a quick little gift, this is the perfect solution.
I found the sweet little bottle of coleslaw dressing in the refrigerator section at WalMart while shopping for supplies for our family reunion this past weekend. My original intent was to etch the glass bottle, but when I found these beautiful metallic swirls at WalMart as well, I fell in love.
Here’s how I made it:
  • Makin’s Air-dry Clay, white, ½ pack
  • Makin’s  Heart Cutters
  • Makin’s Texture Sheets
  • Makin's Clay Extruder and Extruding Disk
  • Pearl Pen, Ice White (Viva Décor)
  • Inka Gold, Rose Quartz, Violet, Lime Green (Viva Décor)
  • Swirl stickers (Sticko Themed Stickers)
  • Glass bottle (Market Stand Dressing, WalMart)
  • Acrylic paint, Pthalo Bue and Pthalo Green (Golden Acrylics)
  • Goof Off
  • Fast Dry White Tacky Glue (Aleene’s)
  • Thin silver cord, 36”
  • Water
  • Tools: craft knife, vinyl gloves, measuring spoon, 1/8" ball tool

Mix 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon each of blue and green paint into the white clay. Knead the paint into the clay – be sure to wear vinyl gloves – until the color is smooth.

Roll out ½ of the clay with a roller to ¼” thick. Cut with the bottle lid, then push the swirl texture plate into the circle. Place the circle on top of the bottle cap and smooth the edges with dampened fingers.

Place the remaining clay into the Makin’s Clay Extruder with a flat disc. Extrude enough clay to wrap around the lid and overlap about ½”. Cut through the two layers, remove the excess clay and smooth the seam. Place the swirl texture plate along the side piece and press until the clay covers the entire side of the lid.
Extruder Disk Shape

Wrap edge piece around cap, then use swirl texture plate to impress image, pressing the height to fit the cap.

Overlap the ends, then cut down through both layers. Remove the excess clay and smooth the seam, apply the texture plate again if necessary.

Use a 1/8" ball tool to add dots around the seam on the lid.

TIP: Place the first four doys at the north, south, east and west points. Place a dot between each, then another dot between each, repeating until you have dots all around. Your dod
ts should be pretty evenly spaced.

Roll out the excess clay and use a texture plate to add interest. Cut six small hearts and two medium hearts. Set all clay aside to dry.

Remove labels from bottle using soap and water. Apply Goof Off to remove the adhesive residue.
Apply the stickers to the entire bottle.

Cut the silver cord in half and wrap around the bottle neck. Knot and tie off in a bow and apply a dot of Tacky Glue to hold the knot.

When clay has dried, apply Ice White Pearl Pen to all the pieces, smoothing the paint into the lower portions of the textures.  Wipe the surface lightly with a damp paper towel to remove the Pearl Pen from the raised areas. Allow to dry.

Tip: If your clay on the lid slips when you screw it on, either remove it and apply Tacky Glue to the lid, replacing the clay cap, or use a toothpick to slide glue between the lid and bottle cap in several places.
Adhere the set of large hearts, back to back with the silver cord strings between them. Repeats with the small hearts. Allow all to set to dry.

Apply Inka Gold to bottle lid and hearts, blending the colors.
Fill the jar with your favorite candy and give it to a special friend.


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