The Bells are Ringing!

It's time for wedding bells with the arrival of Spring!

This month's Designer Crafts Connection focus is on weddings: wedding favors, wedding decor, wedding bouquets...anything to do with weddings.

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At the recent CHA convention in Los Angeles, I worked in the Viva Decor booth and also contributed these three pieces to their booth display where the theme was White Wedding.

I wanted them to all match and chose a harlequin theme for the guest book cover, the champagne glasses and the votive holder.

Here is a short synopsis on how they were made. If you would like more detail, please email me at


Viva Decor: Pearl Pen, Glass Paint, Sticky back Rhinestones, Pardo Jewelry Clay (Pearl), Metallic Paint (Silver)
Quilters' Tape
Heat Tool for affixing rhinestones
Handmade book
Champagne Glasses
Large votive holder
Bridal tulle (6" x 25')
Swarovski Hanging Crystals (2)
Jump Rings

Basic Pattern Instructions

For all items: On a 2" X 5' piece of bridal tulle, use pearl pen to create polka-dot ribbons.(This should be enough for all the pieces, so adjust if you are only making one. Allow to dry apporximately four hours or overnight.


1. Cut opening in book front.

2. Place quilters' tape from upper left to lower right corners. Measure 1 " up from each corner to get the placement of your second piece. Repeat until all lines are in place, then begin again from the upper right to the lower left corners. Be sure to press all tape edges to prevent paint leakage. Make back of book in same manner, omitting the opening.

3. Apply white glass paint with sponge until all surfaces are covered. Allow to dry and remove tape.

4. Affix rhinestones with heat tool where the lines intersect.

5. Paint metal frame with silver paint and attach to book front.

6. Print inner pages on computer and assemble book.

7. Add ribbons to spiral edge, alternating plain bridal tulle and polka-dot tulle.

Champagne Glasses and Votive Holder
1. Create a harlequin pattern on paper, using a 45° angle. Make one for the glass and one for the votive, since you will need a wider width for the votive.
2. Roll pattern and place inside glass. Use the lines as a guide to place quilters'tape on outside of glass.
3. Sponge on Glass Paint.
4. Affix rhinestones as above on book.
5. Add ribbons to votive as on book.

Champagne Glass Charms
1. Condition and roll out jewelry clay. Cut two 1" squares and stamp the bride's first initial in one and the groom's in the other. Use a needle tool to create holes at top and bottom of charm. Bake according to package directions.
2. Add large jump ring to top of charms and smaller ones at the bottom. Add Swarovski Crystals to bottom.
3. Thread 1/2" bridal tulle through top jump ring and tie to glass stem. Add glue to hold ribbon in place at the top of the glass base.

Note: The votive holder is actually very large and would make a nice centerpiece for reception tables. I got it at Big Lots.


Melony said…
Candice- beautiful white wedding piecess- Viva Decor must have some awesome products!
Eileen Hull said…
Beautiful projects Candice! Love white on white.

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