Of course, we have to have changes at the last minute...

...that's the way we work.

In a previous post, I said that I always get these great ideas when I'm down to the wire on these huge projects. The M3 registration launches tomorrow and guess what? This time it was Roxi coming up with last minute improvements. She took my original M3 logo design and added the perfect touches to reflect our vintage style. WhooHoo!

I am so excited about this retreat. How will we ever wait until September?

I will be posting some snippets of my new CHA projects tonight. Can't post the whole project, but it will give you an idea of what I've been working on. I didn't get anything done last night, because I loaned my doggies my studio to sleep in since it was supposed to be so cold. I thought we could co-exist for a couple of hours, but Pete, the Speckle-butted Monster, kept trying to climb into my lap - all 85 pounds of him, and Sam the Wonder Lab just wanted to climb the back of my chair and lick my ears. I finally gave up and let them have it...then kicked them out at the crack o'dawn this morning. They prefer outdoors, but I just can't stand to see them shivering. They'll come in tonight, but it's supposed to start warming up by mid-weekend.

I'm off to be creative :) and then to the doc :(

Go hug someone you love.


MyCraftyToys said…
I hope you are alright. You don't have time right now to be sick.:)
Candice Windham said…
Thanks, Lisa. Went to the doc today and doing better than I was a month ago.
Good to hear from you!

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