Lost my muse...

I don't know what is wrong with me. I think maybe it's the overwhelming list of junk I have to do in the next two weeks before CHA, most of which is not CHA-related.

Normally, I work very well under pressure. I'm more creative, come up with totally awesome out-of-the-box ideas and am a dynamo at getting everything done.

This time? Nada. Zilch. The muse took a trip to Barbados and isn't coming home until the weather warms up around here. Not that I blame her. I don't like the cold and, even though we only get a couple of months of below freezing temps and this year has been mild, I'm sick of it already. I'm sick of a cold house and a utility bill that jumped a hundred bucks with no increase in the indoor temp and 70° weather for parts of December. I'm sick of having to wear a coat and getting shocked when I touch metal. I'm sick of gray days - and we have another today. I long for fresh veggies from my garden and spring days with my giant daffodils pushing up through the ground and the opportunity to clean my flower beds and plant new things.

This is an elements from one of our RockCandy Studios collage sheets. I think I'll use it when I get home from church and create something. Of course, that's after I finish my sample for the Mixed Media Mélange retreat coming up in September. The instructor lineup is terrific and the setting will make that pesky muse want to come back home, although I certainly hope she returns before then!

Have a great Sunday! My mood is better already. Sometimes you just have to get the frustration out and have a plan. Here's mine:
1. Go to church. That will make me feel better instantly.
2. Have lunch out since I'm sick of my own (and Larry's) cooking.
3. Get into comfy clothes and go to the studio to finish that sample and send to our marketing director.
4. Create something quick that is not required of me with the collage sample.
5. Maybe finish taking down my tree (Yikes! My granny would have a heart attack if she new I still had it up past New Year's Day!)
6. Go back to church for evening services.
7. Write some info for a class Roxi and I are teaching at the Memphis Botanic Garden and then crash.

The only thing that might throw a monkey wrench in the works is if I sit down on the sofa between steps 4 and 5. That will mean an instant nap. After all, Sunday is a day of rest.

Go hug someone you love.


Michelle Murphy said…
those darn muses..i need their budget for travel:D..thank you and larry for the wonder birthday wishes..have a great day and do sit in the couch..i am wodking enough for both of us
Candice Windham said…
You need to slow down, Sista! Sorry I missed your call this afternoon. I was in Kroger. It's a dead zone.

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