Mixed Media Mélange Registration Open!

The first-ever, one-and-only, finally-got-something-in-the-Mid-South Mixed Media Mélange retreat is here! Come join us for three full days of art instruction and hanging with kindred spirits, where everyone gets that you like to hoard art supplies, you must have all the latest tools and that piece of junk you found in the parking lot is actually very valuable ephemera.

You can check out the event details and download registration forms on our blog at www.mixedmediamelange.blogspot.com. Check out the awesome instructors: Laurie Mica, Ruth Rae, Melissa Manley, Leslie Veneble, Patricia DiBona, Roanne Mathias and Lauren Ferguson. I'm teaching a Faux Stone Sculpture class as well.

You can reserve your spot now by filling out the registration form and sending in a $50 deposit, and we also offer a payment plan for your meals, lodging and classes. How great is that?

I'm off to work...but only for the next ten weeks. I'm retiring from MLGW...again. Maybe this time it will take.

I promised to upload some pieces of pics of my latest projects for CHA. Here are a couple:

Go hug someone you love!


Marguerite said…
I'm there..Now if I can only decide which class to take... humm maybe my evil twin can come too and I can get in more classes... I am so looking forward to this event..Having it at Pinecrest will bring back mayn fond memories of my youth....
MixedMedia said…
great projects..so only 10 days left..what happend to march?
Michelle Murphy said…
okay i did it again..i forget to log out when i go in to m3
Candice Windham said…
It's 10 WEEKS left. I wish it was 10 days :)
I wish I could bring an evil twin. The event organizers probably won't get to take any of the great classes :(

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