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I have always loved bins, cubbies, anything to stash and organize small items. That’s why I adore this Deflecto four-drawer bin. It makes it so easy to corral all the little pieces that are essential to my work.
These four-drawer bins have an added advantage: You can clip on  more bin sets to increase your organization abilities, thereby adding more storage to your work station.
I decided to use some papers that I have been hoarding for a while (because I love them and what they represent) to personalize the units. The rulers and letterpress letters remind me of my dad; the pen nibs remind me of my first calligraphy efforts; the accounting sheets, my mother’s job as a bookkeeper; the train memorabilia, the train tracks that ran near my grandmother’s house; and the game images, the happy hours my sister and I spent playing Bingo, Old Maid and Checkers. Just having this on my workspace brings back happy memories, also reminding me of why I love to create because all these people instilled this passion in my heart.

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Here’s how I made this project:
• Deflecto Interlocking Stackable Organizer, 6”x 6” x 7 1/5”, four drawers, #350301CR
• Cardstock, eight sheets (two of the same print, but the others can vary), 9” x 9” (Tim Holtz Distressables, Ranger, Design Originals)
• Flat Glue Dots
• Double-stick tape, ¼” (Sookwang)
• Canning Jar Chalkboard Labels, 1 7/8” (Anchor Hocking)
• Clear self-adhesive shelf cover (Contact)
• White colored pencil (Prismacolor) or chalk
• Cord or ribbon, 36”
• Black ink (Stazon)


• Be sure to check each piece of cardstock for fit before adding adhesive. You can use double-stick tape on any surfaces that are frosted because the tape won’t be detectable, but use glue dots on the front lining of the clear drawers.
• Sponge all cardstock edges with black ink prior to adding tape or glue dots.

Remove drawers and set aside. Cut cardstock for the box top to 5 ¾” x 5 7/8”.  Attach double-stick tape to the top side of the cardstock at each edge and slip the cardstock into the top of the bin. Press flat along edges to adhere.

Cut four different cardstock patterns, 5 7/8” x 2 5/8”. Attach double-stick tape to the top side of the paper at each edge and slip the cardstock into the side sections of the bin. Press flat along edges to adhere.

Cut two additional cardstock patterns, 5 7/8” x 2 3/4”. Attach double-stick tape to the top side of the paper at each edge and slip the cardstock into the back sections of the bin. Press flat along edges to adhere.

Drawers: Place clear self-adhesive shelf cover on the back of the two identical sheets of cardstock and trim.

Cut four pieces of cardstock, 2 ½” x 8 ½”, from these two cardstock sheets.  

Attach Glue Dots to the top of the cardstock at the two front corners and double-stick tape about 5” from the opposite end. 

Slip the cardstock into the bottom of each bin with the top of the paper showing in the front on the bin and the shelf cover side to the top inside the bin to protect the surface from dirt. Press flat along edges to adhere.

Tip: Cut larger flat glue dots in half to save a little money without losing the adhesive power.

Attach the chalk paper circles to the front of each bin and write the contents with chalk or a light colored pencil. Tie the cord around the box for added interest.

This piece can be used in just about any room in your home to hold a variety of small items, but I will use it for holding small craft supplies, especially those that I forget that I have when they are hidden away: clay embellishments leftover from previous projects, buttons, small corked bottles, and small scissors and tools.

Place it on your workspace and enjoy not only the organization, but also the memories invoked by the nostalgic theme!


Terry Ricioli said…
Great ideas on how to decorate the organizer and I love the selection of papers!
Anonymous said…
you made the plain acrylic cube look so elegant.
Anonymous said…
LOVE the acrylic cube! I want it!! I need it!! I need some help organizing my craft room & this would be so helpful!
Thanks from G'ma Nancy
sapps2luv (at) yahoo (dot) com
Your paper selection is wonderful! I also like the addition of the chalk labels. Wonderfully done!
heidiscoll said…
Love the ruler paper! Very cool how you decorated the organizer. :)
This cube is classy! Would look great in a masculine office or a feminine studio! It is posted on the Facebook Deflecto Fan page today! Had to show it off!

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