Mothers Day Card

I can't imagine a better season to honor our mothers than spring. Iris and tulips are pushing up through the warmed earth, birds are singing and preparing nests for their new additions and the sun shines - most of the time, although those showers are helpful as well.

When I think of my mother, I think of sewing, baking and setting a high moral example for her two daughters. She loved family history, anything old as well as the latest trends and beautiful color combinations. This card reminds me of a beautiful purple wool straight skirt that she paired with a purple twin sweater set. Add pearls and heels and she was definitely decked out.

She made all of our clothes when we were growing up, and there were always scraps from which we fashioned doll clothes. Today, my scraps are now baskets of paper pieces left over from my latest projects. When I saw these wonderful quilt-patterned stamps, designed by Ann Butler for Unity Stamp Company, I knew they would make the perfect frame for this card.

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Be sure to scroll all the way to the end for a great coupon from Unity Stamp Company!

Here's how I made this simple card:

  • Stamps, 1" Doily Picnic and Leaves All Over (Designed by Ann Butler for Unity Stamp Company )
  • Versamark Ink
  • Silver Embossing Powder
  • Heat Tool
  • Card stock, 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" (Basic Grey)
  • Card Stock, 12" x 6 ",  4" x 4" and 5" x 5" white
  • Cardstock scraps, 6" x 1/2" coordinating patterned paper, approximately 20 strips
  • Double Stick Tape
  • Craft Knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Stamping mat or rubber padded mouse pad
  • Sponge
  • Dye inks to match your patterned paper (Colorbox Dye Inks)
  • Paper Towels
  • Lace Ribbon, two pieces, 7" (Offrey)
  • Square Punches, 1 1/4" , and 1 1/2"
  • Scissors


1. Fold white card stock to 6" square and set aside.

2a.  Measure  1 1/4" from each edge of the 5 3/4" square. Trim the center out to create the frame.
Step 2a. Measure margin and trim center out.

2b. Mark the center of each edge of the frame and use this as a guide for stamping. (I used a 2" square acrylic block and set both my stamps on it to save a little time.)

Step 2b. Find the center of each side and mark lightly with pencil.

 3. Begin in the center, aligning the point of one stamp with the center mark, and stamp four images on two opposite sides. On the other two sides, line up the center point (if you are using two stamps on one block) and stamp the two images. Apply silver embossing powder and heat with heat tool until it melts.

Step 3. Stamp the images on the frame with Versamark ink.

4. Sponge ink on frame and buff it off the embossed areas. Be sure to hit the paper edges of the frame as well to hide the white inner core.
Step 4. Ink frame with a sponge and dye ink. 

Step 4. Buff embossed areas lightly with damp paper towel.

5. On the 4" square of white cardstock, create an opening that is 1/4" all around smaller than the other frame opening. Adhere to the larger frame to create a white liner. Set aside.

Woven Background
1. Draw two lines corner to corner. Line up two strips of 1/2" paper along the pencil lines and adhere both ends to the white card.

2a. Weave paper strips with alternating patterns, using the two guide strips to keep the lines straight. Once you have woven a strip, adhere one end only to the card stock. This will make it easier to weave the last few strips in place. 2b. Trim any edges off the white card stock and paper scraps. Adhere the frame to the top of the woven strip.

Step 2a. Tape down only one end of the woven strips.

Step 2b. Weave all the strips into the base, alternating colors.

3. Place double-stick tape on each end of the ribbon and wrap it to the back side of the frame.

4. Stamp (or print from your computer) the sentiment. Punch it out on the diagonal with the 1 1/4" square punch. Punch a scrap of patterned paper with the 1 1/2" punch and layer the sentiment on it. Adhere it to the woven center of the card.

5. Punch a heart from a card stock scrap, apply Versamark and silver embossing powder and heat with heat tool. Form the center bow by wrapping the ends of the lace ribbon  across the center of the ribbon and secure with double stick tape. Apply the heart to the ribbon center and attach it to the card.

6. Adhere the entire frame front to the 6" folded white cradstock.

I will probably think of a hundred things I could have added to improve this card, but at the moment the only thing that would make this card better is if I could hand it to my mother personally.

Wishing you all a very happy Mothers Day, just a little bit early!

Use this coupon to get a great deal on Ann Butler's Stamps as well as all Unity Stamps!


Ann Butler said…
I absolutely love your card Candice, I love the way you used my stamps, your work is always perfection!
Beautiful card Candice, love the colours and the how you've arranged the patterned stamps. Lovely ! X
Cheryl Boglioli said…
Gorgeous card and how perfect for Mother's Day!
Beth said…
Love your colors and the pattern created by weaving the paper strips!
Tasha said…
Love the colors it looks amazing!
denise clason said…
You are a design wonder, so the technique and the colors!
How lovely, Candice! You tugged at my heart strings!
Rebekah said…
Candice, I love this weaving technique. Beautiful!
Lisa Fulmer said…
gorgeous, love the weaving
Jonathan F said…
Wow, the weaving of the strips was so unexpected and beautiful. It also made me want apple pie. I must go find pie now. Gorgeous, Candice!
Gaylynn said…
Wow, stunning quilt and weave design. Works so well with the embossing here. :)
Debra said…
Candice just spectacular use of the stamps and wonderful technique!
Cindi Bisson said…
Beautiful card Candice - as all your work is!
Theresa Cifali said…
Absolutely brilliant, Candice. Love the color and the concept.
jennifer mitten said…
Great card, love that quilty quality:-)
Madeline said…
Just like everything about this - so many great techniques that you used.
Jean Bullock said…
How ingenious! This is fantastic. Thank you so much for the excellent tutorial!
Eileen Hull said…
Candace this project is so pretty- love the weaving!
Kristin Kelly said…
What a beautiful card, Candice!
Mylene Hillam said…
The woven papers are a great addition to the background you created. Such a pretty card.
Mylene Hillam said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lucy said…
What a gorgeous card!
Barbara Rankin said…
Your card is simply gorgeous, Candice. Love how you used the stamps and put it all together so beautifully.
Jen Goode said…
Love love the colors you chose and the weaving technique. Beautiful project Candice!

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