Second Monday's First Monday Post

Confusing? Not really. The Designer Crafts Connection is usually on the first Monday of each month, but with the holidays, everything was thrown off kilter.

This month's subject is journaling. There are so many ways to journal and so many different types of books to use. I can't walk into Barnes and Noble without admiring the beautiful leather, paper or fabric covered book...and then spending most of the time there talking myself out of taking several home. And some journals aren't books, just a cigar box of scattered flotsam and jetsam to be searched each time you want to refer back to whatever it was you wanted to save. We'll hold boxes for another post down the road.

Speaking of flotsam and jetsam, the origin of the term is early 17th century Anglo-Norman French, and it means ..'the wreckage of a ship or its cargo found floating on or washed up by the sea..." or "...(figurative) people or things that have been rejected and are regarded as worthless." I don't know about you, but I would love to have a ship's wreckage to dig through and create art from, although the smell would probably get to me before too long.

But I digress. I have several journals on different subjects and try to write in at least one per day. The one pictured here is probably my favorite because it contains only techniques and product samples. I had gotten to the point that when I attended a class, I would take the kit home, put it in a giant Ziplock bag and store it in a basket to either finish later or refer back to for ideas.I have some that have been waiting there for more than 15 years.

Those of you who know me well also know that I am a procrastinator. I'm one of those people who has all these wonderful products to play with or unfinished projects that I'm going to get to as soon as I:

1. Finish my commitments to my freelance employers.
2. Clean up the junk and organize files on my computer.
3. Throw some junk out of the attic.
4. Throw some junk out of the garage.
5. Finish my new business card design.
6. Scrub up the long-dried ink I spilled on my studio floor or just clean my studio.
7. Complete my blogging commitments.
8. Play with the dogs.
9. Eat lunch...or..dinner...or... breakfast or put on a pot of coffee.
10. Take a nap.

While I'm doing all these things, that Ziplock bag from the technique or product class I attended to learn about the techniques and products is quietly being covered by another bag of stuff and another bag of stuff and another bag of stuff.

I bought this Smash book (from K & Company) at my local scrapbook store (Eclectica in Cordova, TN) and it sat on my worktable for about three weeks before I started embellishing the cover. I was playing around with some new Viva Décor products and decided to make the cover very mixed media with paint, Pearl Ex, Pearl Pens, stamps, ink and whatever else I had within reach on my table.

The resulting cover still needs something and will probably be a work in progress for years to come, but I am using this book to record the techniques I learn from classes and/or the internet or techniques that have been buzzing around in my brain that just pop into my head. I save the samples, good or bad, and make notes on why I think this worked and more importantly, as a reminder of things I know don't work so I won't ruin a project with them.

I know this is a very wordy post and hope you haven't stopped reading yet.

The book cover contains Viva Décor Pearl pens and Precious Metal Color, 7 Gypsies tissue paper, Sizzix Texture Plates and Tim Holtz Birdcage die cut, Crafter's Workshop Stencil and Beacon Zip Dry adhesive.

You can buy a Smash book or make your own from a composition book. I recommend making your samples on the appropriate paper, fabric, cork or whatever base you choose for the medium and then gluing or stapling the sample into your book, especially if you're using a composition book (Think painting on notebook paper. Yuck.).

Now I'm off to take care of #10 on the above list. I told you I was a procrastinator. I'm also a very sleepy one.

I received products from Viva Décor, Crafter's Workshop and Sizzix Texture Plates and absolutely love their products.


Ann Butler said…
Oh so always!
wintam said…
Beautiful journal and what a creative cover! I love it!
Einat Kessler said…
Wow! beautiful journal. I found myself looking at every detail. It is just so creative and pretty!
Subriagirl said…
Beautiful cover Candice! I started a technique book several years ago....will need to get it out & UPDATE've inspired me to get it out!
Madeline said…
Love what you did and is very inspiring!
Carmen said…
I loved this post!! I've always loved the phrase "flotsam & jetsam" but never knew its origins until now! And I loved your list of things to do - you are one busy lady!
Roann Mathias said…
Beautiful work! It was so good to see you over the weekend.
Barbara Rankin said…
Ooooooh, so pretty, Candice. You sure can work magic with those Viva products. Like Ronnie, I started a techniques book years ago. I wonder if I can still unearth it here at the archeological dig I call my studio. Hmmmmm.... inspiration is setting in. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

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