One more thing....

...I had the strangest dream this morning. I woke up at 6 and then drifted back to sleep. I dreamed Larry and I were at an antique shop in Munford, TN, waiting for an auction to begin. (Let me say here that there is no antique shop in Munford and we don't go to auctions.)
We were waiting for a friend to call us who was traveling to Houston from Nashville and was supposed to meet us at the antique shop for a quick visit.

I had a dog with me named Grady, oddly named for our friend. Even odder was that he was a purple poodle. Now, y'all know how I love pups. I would run a dog farm if I had the space and resources. They could come and live there forever with lots of belly rubs and treats. But a poodle? I'm not a discriminating person, but that would be the last dog I would own and I would never dye him purple. I would also never name him after one of my dearest friends.

To make a long story short, Grady the person finally arrived and when I wanted to introduce him to my pup, the purple poodle Grady had disappeared. We searched and searched. There were lots of dogs running around this shop (another weird thing- what shop would allow dogs to roam among antiques?), but none were purple and none were Grady.

Friend Grady left for Houston, and Larry and I went home to make flyers to post all over so we could find our purple Grady.

Can anyone explain this? Am I losing it, now that I have officially become old, at least in numbers? I don't want anymore dreams like this one.

Go hug someone you love and don't dye your dogs. They don't like it and they look stupid.


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