To all my friends....

I want to let you know how much your friendship means to me. I know I don't post as often as I should, although I'm getting better. (Of course, when my previous track record was once a year, it's pretty easy to make an improvement!)

For 2009, I wish you all a year of prosperity, love and lots of creative endeavors. May you have all the stamps and supplies you desire, all the time to make art that you need and the joy of like-minded individuals in your corner.

Happy new year!


Candice Windham said…
HAHA! Please excuse typos!
You posted 51 times in 2008, which averages out to almost once a week. Not too bad. Maybe your goal for 2009 should be 52 posts, or a post once a week.

Michelle Murphy said…
2008 saw great imporvement on lest see what 2009 holds on the posting..casue i am sure that you are going to slow down:D..i am just glad that i am one who can call you friend..hope to be able to make together in 2009..happy new year and looke forward to seeing you bet your posting record:D
Dianne Adams said…
Candice..your words are so kind and appreciated. I feel fortunate to know you and enjoy your art. I recall meeting you online years ago and then much later in person. Your friendship is a blessing. I hope you have a wonderful 2009!
MixedMedia said…
Y'all make me tear up. I have the BEST friends!! All of you are a gift from God, and I praise Him everyday for your friendship!

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