Autumn in Tennessee

I know that Vermont is beautiful in the fall. I've been there.
I know that New Hampshire is drop-dead gorgeous in the Fall. I've been there.
I know that Maine kicks butt in the fall. I've been there.

BUT....have you ever seen such a beautiful autumn in Tennessee as this year? I have taken about 300 pictures of the sugar maple tree in my front yard in the last week. I can't walk out the door without pulling my camera out of my purse and snapping a few shots.
When Larry and I leave the house, no matter where we're going or how late we are, we always take the long way through the backroads surrounding our neighborhood. The colors just take my breath away.

That's it. Just wanted to comment on what a great artist God is.


glad to know that i have friends that take pictures of the wonderful colors also..had to take a break this weekend from yard work just to take pictures of the trees
Candice Windham said…
Michelle, This is the prettiest fall I've seen in years. Good thing we have digital cameras. I would have spent a fortune of film developing by now!

BTW, I like your new picture!

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