Another Adventure...

Way back in June of this year, there were several of us who attended Artiscape in Jackson, Tennessee and stopped at a local eatery for dinner before the trek back to the Memphis area. We were talking about all the wonderful people we would like to learn from, and an idea was born. Robyn Sharp, Michelle Murphy (Wilkerson), Roxi Phillips and I pursued this idea and it has come to fruition. Now, we need help from you.

Mixed Media Mélange (M³) is excited to announce a three-day artist retreat to be held
September 2009 in LaGrange,Tennessee. We are currently searching the globe in a quest to find talented artists/instructors to offer a variety of dynamic mixed-media classes. If you are interested or know someone who you'd like to recommend, please email us at, and we'll send the proposal forms.

I'll be posting some photos of the area tonight, so check back.


Candice Windham said…
Please excuse my spelling on "persued". It's "pursued". My spell checker caught it, but didn't change it. Modern technology ain't all it's cracked up to be.
yes i must say this is going to be an adventure

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