New favorite product...

I am totally in love with Beacon Adhesive's Quick Grip Permanent Adhesive. This stuff is similar to E6000 as far as holding power, but it's a less dense adhesive - great for getting glue into rough surfaces for better holding power.

Last night I was trying to finish a project that was on a rough surface - woven straw - with a curved edge. I was adhering flat floral marbles, one of the heaviest embellishments for the size that you could ever find, and I wanted them to sit right on that edge. ( Of course, I always have to make things difficult!) I adhered 20 marbles in less than 2 minutes and not one slid off the mark. I do have to admit that I tried squeezing a little out onto a scrap and trying to use a toothpick to add the glue to the marbles, but it dries so quickly that by the time I got to the third one, a film had already formed over the glue puddle. This stuff dries very rapidly. Those of you who know me know that I hate to wait, so Quick Grip is perfect for me!

I used it last week to adhere beach glass to wood and glass and it worked like a charm.

On another subject, today is my day to work at the Rivertown Gallery, an artists' co-op in Downtown Memphis. Larry's going with me to help mind the store. The last time I ws there, I had so many customers that I had people standing in line to pay. Not a good thing for the customers, but a good thing for Rivertown. Amyway, it promises to be a gorgeous day, in spite of weatherman predictions of rain.

Speaking of the weatherman, my new favorite cd is Cadillac Sky's latest. There's a great song on there called You Can't Trust the Weatherman. Get a copy and check it out. Every song is great and the lyrics actually tell a story, unlike most of the music today. Don't know if you can hear snippets online anywhere, but google Cadillac Sky and see what you find.

Well, I'm off to the races. Have a fun-filled day!


I gotta try that glue...
Michelle W said…
I am glad that you had the glue report...I hate to have to tape things in place and hope they stay there...will have to get some when I get bck in town..
Sandie R said…
From a Canadian, any ideas where one might look for this adhesive. I'm like you Candice, hate waiting for things to dry and frustrated when the glue doesn't hold.
Dianne Adams said…
Where did you find this glue? I looked at one of the craft & hobby stores today with no luck. You've got me needing this glue!

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