One more to go....

My Tigers have one more game to win, and no, being the jinx that I am, I did not watch one second of today's game. Our son came over for dinner, and we had a nice, quiet evening. Well, a nice quiet evening until 8 p.m. when he left and I knew the game was over. It took forever to find out who won, and I didn't actually know until they interviewed Coach Cal at the halftime of the Kansas/North Carolina game. Here are the words to the U of M fight song for those who did not get a copy from me via e-mail:

Go, Tigers, go, go on to victory, be a winner, through and through;
Fight, Tigers, fight, cause we’re going all the way—
Fight, fight, for the blue and gray and say—
Let’s go, Tigers, go, go on to victory,
See our colors bright and true;
It’s fight now without a fear,
Fight now, let’s shout a cheer,
Shout for dear old Memphis U.

I expect to hear a rousing rendition Monday night from all you Tiger fans.

And since I have such willpower to not watch the game, I still have that Pazzles box all sealed up, but I'm thinking tomorrow afternoon may be the grand opening. All I have left on my magazine projects is wrapping and addressing the boxes for mailing Monday a.m. Old Bruce at the post office will be greeted by my bright and cheery face peering through the window when he comes to unlock the door. Don't think I've posted anything about Bruce, the P.O. Guy. That's a story for another day.

By the way, thanks to Michelle, Trish and Carla for offering to help me with my Pazzles problem. That's really kind of you girls, but I think I can handle it myself :)

Here's a funny thing that happened yesterday: Larry and I decided to go to a movie - first one in a couple of years, but Leatherheads looked too good to wait for a DVD and was. But I digress. On the way there, I was riding and thinking about all the books I want to make, just to make sure my memories are not lost forever when I'm gone. I was thinking of all my cousins, and while I am very close to those on my mother's side of the family, I don't have a lot of contact with those on my father's side, probably because most of them live in Mississippi, near Water Valley where my father was born. Nothing wrong with Mississippi - it's a pretty state - but it's not like I can drop in for coffee with the cousins just any old time. It takes concentrated effort, preparation and planning, and y'all know I'm not very good at any of those. Anyway, Daddy's last sibling, my Aunt Oline, died this past summer. Her oldest daughter Linda called me while at was at the Stampin' Up!® convention in Denver to tell me that the funeral was immediate, so I couldn't even get back for it. I think that was the first time I had ever talked on the phone with Linda, even though we spent summers on thier farm when I was a kid, and she and her sister Marty came to our house in the city for summer visits as well.

Anyway, we haven't had a lot of contact over the years - I've probably only seen her three or four times in the last 35 years, and I was thinking that I should call her and make an effort to keep in touch. We got back home and there in my mailbox was a note from her. The first one I ever got. Don't know how she even knew my address. I do know that God was tapping me on the shoulder and whispering in my ear to remind me that you need to make time for family. Besides, some of those memories I want to preserve involve adventures with Linda and Marty and all their siblings. Here's a sample memory: One of the things we loved to do was fish in the creek. We had to cross their cantaloup patch to get to the creek, so we would pick cantaloups for our lunch then put them in the water to cool. When lunch time came, we'd crack them open and eat them with the juice running down our arms and dripping off our elbows. That is one of my favorite summer memories. That and Aunt Oline's biscuits with molasses.... but that's another story....

Have a great Sunday! I know I will!


Michelle W said…
Thanks for the sahring! I do unnderstand about wanting to share and remeber my memories.

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