Kool Tak Valentine Box Stack final CWindham

It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day, the primary day of the year when we celebrate love and friendship. What sweeter way to show your love than with this treat-filled Valentine Box Stack?

This is a simple project that takes very little time and is easy enough to make multiples for a group.

You can tie three up in a stack or give them individually with your own special decor on each one.

Heart shaped boxes, three,  graduated sizes, one with a textured base (Paper Studio)
Metallic Red, Silver and Gold Craft Paint (DecoArt)
Bead and satin trim (Teresita)
Air dry polymer clay, 2 ounces (Makin’s Clay)
Clay roller or clay machine (Makin’s Clay)
Heart Clay Cutter, small (Makin’s Clay)
Heart punch (Creative Memories)
Non-Stick Reusable Crafters' Mat (Kool Tak™)
Ultra Clear Adhesive, 1/4” (Kool Tak™)
Ultra Clear Adhesive sheet (Kool Tak™)
Punch Adhesive (Kool Tak™)
Sparkles, Red (Kool Tak™)
Texture Sheet
Inka Gold Fast Drying Metal Gloss Paint, Platinum
Ribbon, approximately 30” (Offray)
Scissors, small eye makeup sponge applicator (optional)

Roll out 1 ounce of red air dry clay to ¼” thick. Press a texture plate into the clay and cut out a heart shape with the cutter. Allow to dry overnight, then paint the heart with red metallic craft paint, allow to dry and rub the highlights on with Platinum Inka Gold, using your finger or a small eye makeup sponge applicator.

Roll out the remaining ounce of air dry clay on a clay machine, beginning with #1 thickness and gradually rolling to #9 thickness. Allow the clay to dry thoroughly, and then paint it with red metallic craft paint. When it is dry, apply Kool Tak™ Punch Adhesive to the back of the sheet and punch out heart shapes. Remove the release tape and apply the hearts to the gold/silver box.

Kool Tak Valentine Box Stack punched hearts CWindham

TIP: If you have excess sheet clay with punch adhesive attached, just store it for later use. You can paint it any color you need.

Paint two boxes with red metallic craft paint and the middle size with a mixture of gold and silver metallic craft paint for a platinum or old silver effect and allow them to dry. Rub Platinum Inka Gold over the highlights on the textured box.

Kool Tak Valentine Box Stack paint boxes CWindham

Apply ¼” Kool Tak™ Ultra Clear Adhesive around the box lids and attach pearl and satin trim.

Kool Tak Valentine Box Stack add trim CWindham

Remove the release tape and place a piece of Kool Tak™ Ultra Clear sheet on red card stock. Trace the smallest box lid on the back of the sheet and cut it slightly smaller, about 1/4" all around. Remove the remaining release tape and attach the textured red clay heart to the center of the paper heart. Sprinkle Kool Tak™ Sparkles red glitter to the exposed edges of the paper heart, press well with your finger and place the excess glitter back in the tube.

Kool Tak Valentine Box Stack Glitter CWindham

Rub Platinum Inka Gold onto the small paper flowers with a small eye makeup sponge applicator or your finger. Attach two flowers to upper portion of the small box lid using ¼” Kool Tak™ Ultra Clear. Cut the other flower in half and attach to each side near the bottom of the box lid. Use scraps of Kool Tak™ Ultra Clear sheets to attach the glittered clay heart to the small box top.

Kool Tak Valentine Box Stack top lid CWindham

Fill each box with candy, stack them and tie with ribbon.

Give these sweet treats to those you love, and you'll be their Valentine forever!


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