I think I'm in love...

I have always wanted to learn to etch glass. There are so many possibilities for home and office decor that I believe I could write a book about it. There's only one problem: I have always hated the mess, odor and possible side-effects of the etching creams I've used in the past, so I haven't played with it very much.

Well, those days have ended, my friends. My first project with B&B Etching Products, Inc.'s etchallTM  Reusable Glass Mirror Etching Creme  turned out so good that nothing made of glass is safe at my house. I want to etch every surface, which  is made less expensive than the older versions of etching cream because it is reusable. It says so right on the label and it's true. I was able to return 90 percent of the used cream to the bottle for future projects.

I used a stencil, which I created with a punch and etchmaskTM vinyl, for my first etchallTM project. I am very pleased with the results. You could also use a stencil cut with an electronic cutter or one cut from a die. Pre-cut stencils could be applied with repositionable adhesive, but most are too sturdy to fit a curve.

This piece is designed for a summer party table decoration. I had originally planned to use it as a votive holder, but once it was etched, I couldn't resists filling it with water and floating a freshly picked gardenia in the center. Doesn't the etched surface look just like a chilled glass of water? Makes me cooler just thinking looking at it.

Gardenia's were my grandmother's favorite flower, and I have finally grown a bush that is almost as large as the one she had in her yard. Of course, it probably wasn't more than 48" tall, but I was looking at it with my five-year-old eyes from a different viewpoint than I do today. My gardenia bush is loaded down with blooms, and the fragrance is heavenly. Maybe we'll have a little summer evening dinner on the deck tonight in honor of my grandmother, gardenias and etchallTM, the best etching cream I've ever seen.

Click on the Designer Crafts Connection button at left to go to other designers' blogs to see how they've used this great product.

Here's how I made it:

glass bowl or glass pedestal bowl
etchallTM Reusable Glass and Mirror Etching Creme(B&B Etching Products, Inc.)
etchmaskTM Vinyl (B&B Etching Products, Inc.)
Craft knife (Westcott)
Border punch (EKSuccess Brands TM)
Flat brush
Only a minimum of supplies is needed for etching with etchall TM..

1. Punch etchmask vinyl with border punch and apply it to the glass surface

TIP:  It's easier to make several small pieces and place them on the glass, rather than one long strip, which can end up being a stuck-together mess.

2. Using a small flat brush, apply the etching cream to the glass. Be sure the surface is covered entirely. Work in sections so you don't have to worry about any dripping. Allow the creme to set 15-20 minutes.

3. Scrape off the excess creme and return it to the bottle. Under running water, wash the remaining creme off, then remove the stencil.

That's it. I made this in about 45 minutes, 30 of which was waiting time. Now. if you'll excuse me, I need to go to the garage and rescue that box of glass items I was going to place in a yard sale.

I received etchallTM Reusable Glass and Mirror Etching Creme and etchmaskTM vinly from B&B Etching Probuts, Inc., the Westcott Craft knife from Westcott and the border punch from EKSuccess BrandsTM


jknapp00 said…
It's one of my favorite things to do! I'll be happy to try this particular product. I have not found the odor to be a problem, but the other brands are so expensive. I do a lot of etched glass for inexpensive wedding gifts and I just finished a baby gift.
Barbee Bosler said…
I not only love your project, but your enthusiasm is contagious. Makes me want to run out and etch something to float a gardenia. Love the use of the punch!!! Thank you...Barbee...<{{}}><

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