Happy Birthday, America!

This is the time of year we celebrate our independence. What says America better than a red, white and blue sign to greet your guests at the door and tiny reminders of our freedom scattered throughout your home? These great chalkboards can become the centerpiece of your decorating with just a few pieces of bright chalk and about 10 minutes of your time. Don't worry if you can't draw it perfectly. Remember my motto: If it's perfect, it's not handmade.

The best thing about these chalkboards are that with the swipe of a paper towel and maybe a little bit of water, you have fresh slate to start all over for your next celebration. Mine were purchased as you see them, but you could achieve the same results with a piece of plywood or masonite and a can of chalk paint. Pop your handmade board into an inexpensive frame, and you have a great designer look.

Be sure to click on the Designer Crafts Connection at left to hop through and see other designers' ideas for celebrations.

Strong colored chalk or pastels

Write your message on the boards. To achieve the large letters/numbers, such as the 4, break a piece of the chalk to the width you want your letter, then draw with the side to create equal lines. Don't worry if all the solid area isn't filled in. That makes it charming.

Be sure you say the pledge to our flag and sing a verse or two of God Bless America or your favorite patriotic song, and always remember that freedom isn't free. It was bought and continues today because of our brave men and women who serve our country and also the families of these soldiers who carry on at home while their loved ones are on the other side of the earth. We owe them a debt that can't be paid.


Anonymous said…
Great idea on how to celebrate all the holidays! Thank you for sharing it!
Barbara Rankin said…
This is a fabulous idea. I love how you can change it up so easily for each holiday celebration. Very clever of you! You always come up with such wonderful ideas. TFS

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