Recycled Sun Catcher

Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection April blog hop. Our theme this month is Spring Flowers, but we were also challenged to only use items we already had around the house. This wire and glass sun catcher fit the bill.

There wasn't a lot of sun when I took the photos for this project, so trust me: that beveled glass can really sparkle. To see another spring project using the roll of wire described in the materials list, see my blog post of March 22.

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Here's how I did it:

Metal Coat Hangers, 2
Roll wire (Found in the garage. No one knows what gauge it is or why we bought it.)
Wire Cutters
Needle nose pliers
Regular pliers
Beveled glass pieces, 1 large, four small (Purchased at a salvage store several years ago. I think they were made for light fixtures.)


1. Straighten one of the coat hangers leaving the hook attached. About 8" from the top of the hook, bend the wire and form a circle. Cut the other hanger into two pieces, one approximately 8' and the other approximately 16". Bend the 16" piece in the middle and attach it to the sides of the ring. Add the8"piece to the remaining side side and wire to  the center hook piece.

Cut wire pieces and wrap around ring to secure the center wires in place.
Form four wire flowers, wire to ring and finish off flower centers with a wire spiral.
Wrap a piece of wire around the vertical portion of the glass, leaving stems about 2" on the top. Twist to hold. Place another piece of wire around the glass horizontally, locking the ends around the vertical wire. Form circles with the wires ends at the top.

 Hang the large piece in the center and space the four smaller pieces around the sides of the ring. This could be made with fishing line if you have holes bored in the glass for stringing, but a good stiff wind could break them if you hang them outside.

Don't forget that today is April Fool's Day. Go play a trick on someone you love and be sure to hug them afterwards!


hey there, stranger! I hadn't visited your blog in ages and saw the link on my blog as a "fav" tonight so had to come check it out. Hope you are doing well...glad to see you are still involved with stamping! I stay in touch with Jane...not sure if you do or not. Take care, my friend!
Terry said…
Love this! I want to make one for my garden.

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