Spring is here...almost!

Since Spring is supposed to be here already - flowers are pushing up, trees are blooming, birds are singing and ripping the stuffing out of my porch swing cushions to pad nests, but the weatherman has issued a winter storm watch for the Mid-South.

No need for worry. I have brought spring into my studio with this Spring Chimes project on the Kool Tak blog. Go here to get instructions and be sure to come back to my blog March 31 for a tutorial on creating a wire and glass wind chime, similar to the one used in this project.

Happy Spring. Don't hurt your back shoveling snow!


Karen Bahit said…
Oh Candice...
I love your altered project of the wind chimes... Thank you for sharing your talent with me..
Hopping along,
Miriam said…
What a great idea! Looks beautiful. Wish it was that green here ;)
Gorgeous project! I bet it sounds great when the wind blows. =) Thanks for sharing!
Karenladd said…
Wow how beautiful and so creative! This would look beautiful with the sun shining through the glass!
silvia said…
Awesome project!!

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