A Beautiful Place

This summer, I went with Colleen Baxter, Brenda Abdoyan and Viva Décor to Portland, Oregon for a trade show. The place is beautiful, the food fabulous and the company perfect. Larry went with me and after the show, we stayed an extra few days on the west coast.

 We had been to the Pike Street Market on my birthday in 2005. We both knew we had to make the drive up to Seattle again, because it is one of our favorite cities. Of course, Pike Street did not disappoint. I was so glad to have a digital camera so I didn't have to worry about running out of film. I took more than 15 shots within one 5' x 5' area, so with the size of this place, you can only imagine the number of photos I came back with.

The last time we went, I made at least ten traditional scrapbook pages, just about the different elements of this amazing market. It took a long time, and I kept having to run to the computer and printer to add just one more tag or pic or headline. This time, I settled for one page and used Duetica Lettering Arts Studio software fonts and their new Summer kit, to make a digital page which was complete in about half an hour. Here is the result:

 And here's how I made it:

Duetica Lettering Arts Studio Software and Summer kit
Digital photos
Adobe Photoshop Software

1. Open flower photo in Photoshop and crop to a square format. Enlarge to 12” x 12” and screen layer to 42 percent. Add a slight border using pink (sampled from photo) and the airbrush tool. Save as background. 

NOTE: The reason for this is that you can re-use this background for additional pages should you need them or even use it in a completely different layout or background for a card without having to recreate the wheel. Your layers will be separated so you can easily add and delete what you need/don’t need.

2. Import Paper Edge from Duetica Summer Kit and place left edge 3” from the page top. Select one of the pink colors from the photo and use the brush tool to slightly darken both sides of the Paper Edge .

3. Open the flower photo and enlarge to 7” wide. Place it below the paper edge ½” from the right side. Draw a box ¼” larger than the photo all around and fill with deep purple. Add a slight shadow below the purple block using the airbrush tool at approximately 20 percent opacity.

4. Repeat the purple box approximately 2.5” tall  and 12” wide and place it ½” above the lower margin.

5. Size three photos to fit the purple box and leave a ¼” margin above, below and between each. Place into layout.

6. Draw a journaling box 3.5” x 5.25” and fill with pink. Use the airbrush tool to place a slight haze of purple around the inside edge. Place two flowers from the Summer kit at upper left and lower right. Add journaling with Piper font in black.

7. Set headline in the Duetica Lettering Arts software using Tin Whistle font and fill with the same purple as the boxes. Use a different color, sampled from the photo, to write the date in the Saxi font. Place both into the layout.

8. Save as a Photoshop document to preserve layers.

It actually took me longer to write the directions for this layout as it did to create the project. That's my kind of memory preservation! 

Now, go check out Duetica Lettering Arts Studio and then make a digital page about someone - or some place - you love!

I received software from Duetica Lettering Arts Studio.


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