Road trip!

Larry and I made a quick trip to Little Rock and Morrilton, Arkansas Saturday.

In Little Rock, I was so privileged to be a part of the second Arkansas Fork & Talk get-together, put on by and sponsored by E.K. Success at Trio's Restaurant. Yummy food, great fellowship and fabulous gifts. I will be posting projects in the coming weeks made with the wonderful goodie-bag products they shared with us.

If you aren't a member of Craft Gossip, sign up now, especially if you love to browse the internet but don't have a lot of time. You'll get a list of 40 or so craft-related posts (fabric, paper, painting, scrapbooking, altered, home decor, etc.) a day in one compact email, complete with photos and teasers. It's up to you whether you go to a website, skip to the next one or delete the whole thing. I know you won't delete it, because everything is so cool.

We headed over to Morrilton, birthplace of my hubby, on the chance that we might catch relatives at home on a lovely Saturday, but no such luck. We went to the Riverview cemetery where his grandparents and other relatives are buried and met the sweetest man, Mr. Adkinson, who knew Larry's parents and all of the relatives who moved to Missouri in the late '40s. Larry spent some quality time reminiscing with this wonderful man.

If you're near the Williston Baptist Church in Williston, Tennessee this coming Sunday, stop by to receive a blessing when Sorghum Hill (Andi Nash, Phil Cox and Larry Windham) performs during the morning service. I'm looking forward to seeing relatives and hearing some beautiful original gospel music! I don't care how many times I hear Phil Cox's songs and Sorghum Hill's tight three-part harmony, it's still like the first time. I can hardly believe I married into so much talent. God has surely blessed me!

Have great day and go hug someone you love. I believe I'll hug my oh-so-talented hubby.


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