Goodbye, 2011.

It was a very good year. Lots of things happened that we prayed for, some things were gifts from God that we didn't even know we needed and some prayers were wisely denied by God. He certainly knows His stuff!

We will ring in the New Year with a jam session at the home of Dianna Ford, musician and singer extraordinaire, with a lot of our Bluegrass friends. Usually, Larry is booked for New Year's Eve, and we haven't been able to spend the time with friends as much as we would like. That will change this year, and we're really looking forward to it.

Reflecting on 2011, we had some ups:
I finally was published in one of my fave magazines, Cloth, Paper, Scissors and shipped off my book to the publisher;
and downs: Phil Cox, singer/songwriter/guitarists for Sorghum Hill was working in Nebraska, a far cry from Tennessee. He's home now, and Sorghum Hill and Andi Nash and the Ramblers will continue to entertain their fans, only a lot more often!

Here's wishing you a wonderful, creative, healthy 2012. I hope all your dreams come true!

Now, go hug someone you love.


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