Better late than never...

I remembered to post that there was Sizzix Blog Hop beginning today, but I thought I was not supposed to post until next week. Boy, do I have egg on my face!

Anyway, the featured die this week is Eileen Hull's versatile Sizzix ScoreBoards XL Die - Album,one of my all-time favorite dies. This album has a cover, a pretty scalloped edge binding and a very nice nameplate. You need to make two cuts to get both covers, but this turned out to be my pushing the envelope idea.I am usually very frugal with my mat board scraps, but was in such a hurry today that I mistakenly cut the entire plate twice rather than the entire plate plus the back cover once more. The two binding edges were laying with one overlapping the other and -Bingo!- I realized I could make a wider width album just by inverting and adding the second binding.

I have been preparing class kits for some classes I will be teaching for Viva Décor at the Collins Group Fall Education and Trade Show in Houston in October, so Viva products have been on my mind a lot lately. I've been doing a lot of experimenting with Glitter Liners, Pearl Pens, Precious Metal Color and Paper Soft Color, and, since I received some fabulous stencils from Crafter's Workshop, I decided to combine the two to make an album to organize all my experimental scraps. I also dug into my treasures from the Craft Gossip Fork and Talk event in Little Rock. (Thanks again, ladies, for a wonderful event!)

Here's how I did it:

Sizzix Little Sizzles - 6" x 13" Mat Board Pack, 6 Assorted Sheets
Eileen Hull's versatile Sizzix ScoreBoards XL Die - Album
• Big Shot
Crafter's Workshop Template, Mini Love Beads
Viva Décor Paper Soft Color, Light Carmine Red, Dark Sand,Violet and Cobalt Blue
• Viva Décor Pearl Pen, Ice White and Gold
• Viva Décor Precious Metal Color, Blue Azure and Silver
• Viva Décor Inka Gold, Gold
Deutica Lettering Arts Studio, Mandolyn Font
• Round Sponge Dauber (Viva Décor)
Allene's Original White Tacky Glue
• Brenda Walton Adhesive Borders, Flora & Fauna from K&Company
• Organdy ribbon scraps
• Violet Satin Ribbon, 1/8" Offray
• Cardstock, Blue, Violet and Pink, 12" x 4" folded to 6" x 4"
• Red Liner Tape

1. Make two sets of die cuts using the Sizzix mat board pack.

2. Tape cover and binding pieces with easy-release double stick tape. Place the stencil over each item, add masking tape to secure it in place and swirl on the Paper Soft Color, blending the colors where they meet. Move the stencil as needed to cover the whole book. Remove the stencil and add Violet Paper Soft Color randomly.

3. Fold the scalloped edges in on each binding. With straight edges facing, lay one over the other and secure with Tacky Glue. Use clothes pins or binder clips to hold the binding in place while it dries.

4. Assemble the book, adhering one scalloped binding to the front cover and the other to the back cover

5. Tint Flora and Fauna swirls with Cobalt Blue Paper Soft Color. Apply one piece to the binding, overlapping on the front and back if necessary.
allowing the blue to show through in some areas. This creates a hammered metal effect.

6. Paint the nameplate with Blue Azure Precious Metal Color and set aside to dry. When dry, use your paint brush to tamp the Silver Precious Metal Color onto the Blue Azure,

7. Glue the book title in the nameplate and the " A few of my" tag above. Tint with Paper Soft Color if desired. Glue the swirl and nameplate to the front cover. Place a dot of Pearl Pen-Gold on each side of the nameplate for faux brads.

8. Dot the Ice White Pearl Pen along the swirl.

Note: After I finished this and it had dried for about 10 minutes, I decided the white was too harsh and ran over the dots with a little Inka Gold in Gold. I liked it so much that I hit some other highlights with it as well all over the book.

9. Using 1/8" ribbon, tie three-three page signatures into the book, turning the knots to the inside. Gather the 1/8" ribbon on the spine and tie together with organdy scraps.

Now, I can go back and gather up all those little scraps of experimental art and put them in my new book. I just hope I remember how I did them!

Now, go make something for someone you love.

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Note: I received product from Sizzix, Crafter's Workshop, Viva Décor and K & Company.


Eileen Hull said…
Candice- great trick with the binding- I always get such good ideas from you! Thanks so much for posting this beautiful project!
Scrapacat said…
Beautiful work - I love how the colors all blend together. BTW, your paper soft link did not work for me (darn blog gremlins!). Metallic accents are so beautiful!
Candice Windham said…
I'll check the links. I couldn't get any of my search words to stay in. I know that's not the correct term, but I think everyone will know what I mean.
Candice Windham said…
Try Viva now. I left off a backslash.
Thanks for looking!
Beth said…
Candice - Beautiful as always! Love the Viva "pearls" on the cover and that paint just glows!
Anita Braddock said…
very beautiful album. the colors and the tecnique is great love the way you have blended the colors. love the Embelishments. you have done a great job. thanks for sharing and for the chance to win.
Mylene said…
I love the way you work with the Viva products Candice.... the sponging over the stencil created a gorgeous background for your embellishments!
Karen B said…
Candice, I always look forward to your projects in the Blog Hops. You do such a fabulous job and I always learn something new. This is gorgeous! Also, I'm teaching at the Collins event, too, so I'm looking forward to seeing you!
CindiB said…
Great idea Candice! Love the colors - so pretty!
Teri said…
Awesome details! tfs
gscrapbooks said…
So pretty and elegant!
KimberlyRae said…
Amazing project!
I love the stenciling

Julia Cheang said…
Beautiful album and clever trick with the binding. Love the gorgeous colours and design!
Candice Windham said…
Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful comments. My spirit needed a boost this morning and you provided it!
Karen, see you in Houston!
Lorine Mason said…
As expected elegance meets crafty!
Jen Goode said…
I love love the colors you used with this project. The shimmer is fabulous too! Yet another beautiful project - you are my inspiration!
Anonymous said…
Very pretty. I love how inventive you were in making a larger album. The colorful ribbons are the perfect finishing touch.
Donna Phelan said…
How clever & beautiful! Love the techniques!
Sherrie said…
Very pretty album! Love the background you created too!

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