Morning at Windham Acres

I woke up at 6 a.m., which is rare for a retiree, but Larry was supposed to play golf at 7. His buddies called at 6 to cancel because of the storms. I couldn't go back to sleep, and now I'm glad I didn't.

I was making breakfast when I glanced out the kitchen window and saw this beautiful hawk sitting on our fence. There was a little bit of sun shining on his feathers when I first saw him that made him look like copper. By the time I got the camera and set it, the sun had gone back behind the clouds. I eased into my studio, which has sliding glass doors so I wouldn't have to shoot through a window screen. I barely got this shot when the mockingbird you can barely see at left of the hawk, attacked and chased him away. She must have had a nest nearby and was protecting her babies. The birdhouse on the left has three baby bluebirds, and mama bluebird was watching as well.

Our property goes back into the woods visible in the photo for about 250 yards. We usually mow the pasture area between the fence and the woods, but Larry decided to let it grow this year in hopes of attracting more wildlife. We have seen lots of deer at the wood's edge as well as quail. I could live without the raccoons and possum, which come for dinner with Pete and Sam on a regular basis, but that's part of country living.

My Morning Glories are finally blooming and are a beautiful blue/purple color. Sounds like another digital SB page to me!

Now, go hug someone you love!


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