Please excuse me!

I am not so stupid that I spell words incorrectly! I promise. Iwasinahurry! Now I can't figure out how to go back and edit out the typos, so they will live forever in cyberspace! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!


Becky said…
I enjoyed your colored pencil tutorial.

To edit any mistakes, go to your dashboard (where you go when you sign in to blogger), and you can edit your previous posts.
Laura Solkey said…
I do spell words incorrectly. Are you calling me stupid?? Lol! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!
Candice Windham said…
Hahahahahaha! No, Laura, I'm not calling you stupid. Sometimes our hands get ahead of our brains and things get jumbled.
Glad y'all enjoyed the tutorial. I'll try to post more often with more instructional stuff.

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