Halloween or Mardi Gras?

Welcome to another Sizzix Blog Hop, featuring the fabulous designs of Eileen Hull. This week's Scoreboard die is a vase with an enclosed bottom. You know I can't just make a vase. I have to have something over the top and I think this mask fits the occasion.

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I ran across this mask last week at Dollar Tree. It was originally deep red with gold glitter along the eyes and cheeks. A coat of Krylon Black Matte paint made it perfect for my project.

Here's how I made this:


Sizzix ScoreBoards XL Die - Vase, 3-D (657125)

Sizzix Texture Plate


Viva Décor Inka Gold, Gold

Viva Décor Precious Metal Color, Silver

Viva Décor Glitter Liners, Red, Gold, Silver

Viva Décor Pearl pen, Ice White

Beaded Trim, 10"

Swarovski Crystal Beads and Pendant

Beading Wire

Sookwang Crafters' Double Side Tape

Red feathers

Face Mask (Dollar Tree)

Krylon Matte Black Spray Paint


1. First, I painted the mask with black paint and set it aside to dry.

2. I cut two vases from chipboard with the die added texture to one with the texture plate and painted both with Precious Metal Color. When the vase/crown was dry,I rubbed Gold Inka Gold on the raised surface of the top piece. (You can add it to the second piece as well if you plan to actually use this mask the way it was intended and not just as home decor.)

3. I added Glitter Liners randomly to accent the texture, then outlined the crown with Ice White Pearl Pen.

4. I strung the beads on beading wire, then attached it to the top of the crown and anchored it in the center with beading wire.

5. I adhered the crown to the mask with double-stick tape.

6. I attached the beaded trim to the back of the mask with double stick tape, then added the feathers. I reinforced to adhesive with strips of masking tape to make sure nothing moved.

7. The only thing left to do was to add the Glitter Liners and Pearl Pens to the mask itself.

Now I'm ready for a night on the town!

I saw so many other items in my mind besides a vase with this die. I'll be posting some more projects soon, so be sure to check back.

Note: I received product from Sizzix and Viva Décor.


I love that you made it into a headpiece! So clever!
Anonymous said…
I see a sales increase of Sizzix dies in New Orleans and Venice. Just wonderful!
CindiB said…
Wow! Such a creative idea! Love all the details Candice!
Karen B said…
Hey pocky a-way! This is fab-u! Big Chief got plenty of fire water but not nearly enough handmade headgear. Love!
Eva said…
wow, this is stunning...fabulous job!
Eva :0)
I have a giveaway on my blog
Subriagirl said…
Simply stunning Candice!
sharon g said…
WOW, very artsy. You are so creative----I've always wanted to travel to Africa...
Linda Carson said…
Oh my goodness! Never in a million years would I have used that die as a headpiece! Brilliant!
Anita Braddock said…
Beautiful. I love Mask its like being at Mardi gras. cool color an dlove the bling. thanks for sharing and for the chance to win.
Eileen Hull said…
Candice- amazing! Leave it to you to come up with something this cool! If only I could be in your brain for a day... So glad you could join the hop again- thanks :-)
Kim H said…
wow gorgeous mask, would look great on a wall during halloween or mardi gras. Thank you.
Alisha said…
WOW i can't believe my eyes. i would never have thought of that. Super clever idea.
KimberlyRae said…
Brilliant! Total Coolness!
Love your project...I think my
daughter 'needs' one of these...she
loves all kinds of dress up stuffs :)
Hugs and Blessings,
Ann Butler said…
Candace I must say you never disappoint...you always have the most inspired projects...I love everything you do!
Jan said…
Candice, why I am not surprised to see you posting an "over the top" project! What a great idea to make it into a mssk...as for Halloween or Mardi Gras? I say, "why not both?"!
Anonymous said…
So clever! Love the texture from the texture plates, too.
Candice Windham said…
Thanks for such kind words, everyone! Y'all make me blush!
Serge said…
Now this, is a mask which would surely be an eye-catcher at a Mardi Gras party!

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