A Blast from My Past

I just love this little shrine. The 3 1/2" tall base is new at RockCandy StudiosTM, and I wish I had more of them to create little family memories. This particular one is from the dark side of our family history. That photo includes two of my uncles with our family still in the background. That's right. This good Baptist girl came from a long line of moonshiners. Now you know my secret.

The photo, which also includes two more men, one of which is my paternal grandfather, is on our Manly Men Collage Images CD (You get 120+ images, and all are scanned at 300 dpi so you can resize and print as many as you need for your projects.). I also used our Dresden Foil Leaf and Flower border and one of our corked glass bottles. The faux moonshine is sorghum molasses. I sealed the cork with Beacon Quick Grip so I wouldn't have to worry about it coming loose and having molasses everywhere. All wording was done on an inkjet printer and the XXX on the bottle was just hand lettered with a Sharpie. The box was painted on the inside with Krylon spray paint and patterned paper was added to the outside. A few twigs from my River Birch Tree completed the project.

I'll be posting several more projects over the next few days, so come back often.

Now, I know valentine's Day is over, but go hug someone you love. You can never give too many hugs.

I am a partner in RockCandy Studios.


Dianne said…
LOL...my grandpa liked his moonshine too! Your piece is great Candice. I love the way used the background and then focused on your grandpa and other relative..love that bottle of moonshine too. Nice as always.
Candice Windham said…
You are TOO sweet, Dianne!
Subriagirl said…
Dianne, now you know why Candice is like she is.....haha All that moonshine put such a creative streak in her that even the moonshiners are getting mileage out of this pic!! It's by far one of my all time favorites! Candice, you buying moonshine on the plane to use in your shrines? HAHA
Michelle Murphy said…
Looks like I need to place and order and get my mojo going again. It is the dark sides that make us interesting:D Of course I think the family reciepe was kept in most houses for illnesses:D Love the the shrine!!

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